Monday, December 17, 2007

A Sonnet for my 50th Birthday (by me)

Fifty Years: A sonnet

{Written at 2AM, after a REAL surprise party for me!}

Thoughts on my mind, Tis my dime.
Fifty Years goes way too fast.
Blink, then (too many) way-points have passed.
Was really a might fine time.

Can't pretend, not a mime!
Thoughts inside? I've been gassed.
But really, Cheryl's now unsurpassed.
And Jessica was just sublime.

Now's time to act my age?
Not boxed, yet at my max?
No, Still not in a cage!
No more doth I swing my axe.
Have I now, No more rage!
With meds, can now relax.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Jimmy CarteR: Hate the man, love the politics?


Jimmy Carter, President, United States, Retired, agrees with me that George BUSH, and ESPECIALLY VP Dick Cheney are TORTURERS.

See? the Associated Press says so, so it IS so...

Carter said the interrogation methods cited by the Times, including "head-slapping, simulated drowning and frigid temperatures," constitute torture "if you use the international norms of torture as has always been honored certainly in the last 60 years since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was promulgated.

Cheney has been "a disaster for our country. I think he's been overly persuasive on President George Bush."

AMEN Brother Jimmy. Even if you did get the Mid-East policy Back-Asswards!

THE Haiku:

Impeach Cheney; Pelosi Pardons; Democracy Restored

Please!! (pass it on!)

Monday, October 08, 2007

C l u t t e r

Thu 06-Jul-07

This Poem


to the

eradication of


worst enemy.


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Friday, August 31, 2007

Haiku -- For Democracy & NANCY & Alberto

Alberto's Gone!

Impeach Cheney

Pelosi Pardons


Saturday, July 07, 2007

Sat 07-Jul-07: Fare thee Well

Fare Thee Well

And now, the time has come
For me to say, fare thee well.

Because, it's time for you
to leave our little nest now.

But first, I must restate
That common thread, I always tell you

My love, you'll always have
No matter what, no matter how

You decide to treat me
For this, I say; I'll always love you.

You may, think this false; but of this I assure you
No matter what, no matter when

I'm very proud of you.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Thu 01-Jun-07: Pure Political Theatre

Bush used these words
To insult the country
He insists on supporting thieves and liars.

Thieves and liars who were appointed by HIM.
Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense no more
Paul Bremer, chief architect of the Iraq War fiasco
Paul Wolfowitz, Chief of World Bank, No more!

Time for Alberto Gonsalves to resign.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Wed 17-May-07: Sadness, Alone

Sadness falls, close to home.
My hands sigh, as they type this tome.
Inwards I cry at my plight
I wannna run far into the night
Because I just feel so all alone.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mon 16-May-07: Bad Vibes

Wonderful turns to ashes
Seeing your offspring return
Thrilled to see them again.

Another semester is over.
They return from dorm rooms much older
Yet old habits die hard, and make others pale.

Happy moods turn snippy again,
When trying friendly faces wear thin
And out comes venom instead.

Two does it take to dance a tango
But one a conversation can mangle
Just watch what you say.

Or else you just may
Not be there
To catch the angle.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tue 15-May-07: Paul Bremmer A Limerick (OEDILF)

Paul Bremmer: Limerick #16(OEDILF)

Paul Bremmer a Neo-con in DC,
Whose war script was done to a Tee.
The plans caused great strife
And a huge loss of life.
Yet a presidential medal has he.

Here is the link to the ACCEPTED/Published version in the
Omnificent English Dictionany in Limerick form (OEDILF)

Bremer, L. Paul by markbnj

Paul Bremer, a Neo-Con guy,

Said "War-making is easy as pie!"

His plans caused great strife,

And a huge loss of life —

And a medal from Bush crowns the lie.

L. Paul Bremer, before becoming the chief administrator of the Interim Governing Authority, in Iraq, helped to write the major part of the US invasion plan of Iraq, giving him the dubious distinction of both causing the war, and causing great problems with the aftermath of the war in Iraq.

Mr. Bremer was awarded the Presidential Medal of Honor for his work.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mon 14-May-07: UnderEmployed

It's no longer called un-employment
Now-a-days, it's simply being under-employed.

When Corporate America downsizes
They don't lay you off, they simply right-size you.

Graduating College? Welcome to your first Job.
Yes Sir, would you like fries with that ?

Our Economy no longer produces things
It simply cooks, and does services.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sun 13-May-07: Birthday Wishes (OEDLIF)

Birthday Wishes (OEDLIF)

I've got a birthday coming up soon
My cake I will eat with a spoon
Hands make it tasted really great
Which my mother must hate
So I might just end up in my room.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sat 12-May-07: Brittany

An ode to Brittany;
Very brief; just like her outfits.
Is it just me, or does she look better
With all of her locks, simply shorn?

Friday, May 11, 2007

Fri 11-May-07: Singlehood


The Grass is always greener
On the other guy's lawn
Parents long to be childless
When their brats are acting up.

Childless couples are desperate to be parents
And will go through many dollars and effort for that.
Until they too, get to feel battle weary.
And fight with their children.

But it's not limited to kids;
Even married folks can complain.
The singles bemoan their loneliness,
The marrieds yearn to be free.

And a few lucky people
Have balance and luck
And have both spouses and kids they actually adore,
Oh, isn't that simply a bore??!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thu 10-May-07: Accountant Limerick # 15

Limerick # 15: Accountant
Accountant is a man I like to see
Because he shows me green, like a tree
If my accounts are all fine
He says, "next in line"
And say he, "don't worry, just let it be".

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wed 09-May-07: Microsoft Support (an Oxymoron)

Microsoft Support (an Oxymoron)

Microsoft lied to us.
That they guaranteed support
For windows 2000 through 2010.

So what happened this year?
During the great time update here?
When we changed our clocks early?

Maybe they just forgot
Or maybe they just got greedy
Asking for $5,000 for the daylight savings update fix.

So, I am for one very upset
They wanted us to pay for
The update that they owed us!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tue 08-May-07: Kids, Kick {A limerick}

Kids, Kick

HaVING Kids are ALWAYS a kick
We get 'em before we get sick
In No time at ALL,
We're ready to fall
And hope that they land on a brick

Monday, May 07, 2007

Mon 07-May-07: Pin the Blame on theDonkey,Elephant

Pin the Blame on the Donkey,Elephant
Kids, take this tail, while we spin around
Back and forth, and up and down.
Let's examine George "W" Bush, # 43
And pin the blame on the ELEPHANT's tail.

Year 2000, Florida voting scandal
Supreme court denies, but next year, it lied.
Year 2001, Advance 9-11 warnings ignored.
War one, Afganistan, simply aborted.

Year 2004, Ohio voting scandal
Repubs stole election site that nite!
Bush case for WMD's,
just lies if you please.

It's time to pin the blame on Bush
No planning, no Thought, big bucks, and a, "HUH?"
Stop the Bush, Stop Cheney
And restore our democracy!

Wolfowitz plots and planned for war
But forgot to plan on leaving or going home.
Alberto decides water-boarding isn't torture
And gets kicked upstairs, as chief law man.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sun 06-May-07: Stop the War

Stop the War
War is Bad
Thinking is good.
Listening is excellent
Plannning is Expected

Bush failed by starting two wars.
Bush fails by refusing to think.
Bush fails by refusing to listen.
Bush fails by not planning and managing.

Bush deserves the title, "War Criminal"
Bush deserves to be called, "The American Nyet-Nyik".
Bush deserves to be labeled, "A Trouble making Refuse-nik".
Bush will go down as our first "MBA President" who failed.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Thu 05-May-07: Wolfowitz Must go

Wolfowitz Must go

Sung to the tune of "We love you Conrad", from "Bye-Bye Birdie"

Oh Paul, we adore you so
But however, it's time for you to go
World Bank's top, is now shot,
Thanks to your tricks at the top
All-in-all, we rate you, "So-So"

Friday, May 04, 2007

Fri 04-May-07: Sheer Lunacy

Sheer Lunacy
Is it sane for a dead author or artist
To have a copyright for seventy years after they’re dead?
Or shold copyrights extend as long as patents do>

To understand this, simply imagine life
Without generic drugs, or perhaps simply imagine
Microsoft owning the copyrights or patents on your car.

The software industry likens Microsoft owning the patent
On your steering wheel, to GM owning the rads, and not allowing foreign cars to drive here.

Total insanity would result, which
Is what we have today in the U.S. of A.
Mickey Mouse is protected for another 70 years and won't enter into the public domain.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thu 03-May-07: Why wait?-- A limerick

Why wait?
MPAA and RIAA got you in a frown?
Don’t worry, you can take them down,
They depend on us to buy.
If we don’t,away they’ll fly,
Remember those special numbers and you’ll be crowned.

Note: see the Poem for May 2nd for those special numbers!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wed 02-May-07: Ode to Censor Bush

Ode to Censor Bush
George Bush Broke the Geneva convention
And let his minions water-board and torture.

But his buddies in the MPAA think it's OK
To censor free speech; To them I say:
09h: is the way we say Nine in base sixteen (hex; or h)
F9h: is a big number in Hex.
02h: is just a two in base sixteen; or the number of Bushes elected president!
9Dh: is not Ninty, but Nine-Dee
74h: is a number just under seventy-five
EBh: Could refer to electronic Boutique, but doesn’t!
5Bh: Five Bakers.
D8h: Did Eight Years HAVE to HAPPEN?
41h: To President 41, before the storm!
56h: Is the number of years we'll be in IRaQ
C5h: = 197 in base 10.
88h: is our President's IQ.
C0h: is what we have left over.

What do we get when you put them together? A DVD code, no?

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tue 01-May-07: Stinky Cheese Man

The Stinky Cheese Man
The stinky cheese man just came
Bring lots of smells, and tastes.

He Asked if I had time to spare,
I said, "Yes", not being aware.

That we wanted me to watch his cheese,
While he left and did as he pleased,
And left everything into my care.

Since he's left I guess that leaves me right here
And I'm taking some cheese with my beer.
It seems to me, I'm now the new man

To sell stinky cheese if I can,
Till I can find a Schnook I can spear!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Mon 30-Apr-07: Limerick 14 "OMG"

Mon 30-Apr-07: OMG
Valerie Plame was "outed by the White House
By George Bush, Carl Rove, and a little mouse.
Certain Jail awaits those who release names
Of covert CIA agents for any games
Of this we're sure, somebody's still soused!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sun 29-Apr-07: Limerick 13 Chapin, Harry

Flying high in his taxi gave him luck
Harry Chapin was a songwriter who was not a schmuck
As a singer and folk artiste, he was tops
As a driver with a suspended license, he was a flop
Especially when he slammed his car under a truck

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sat 28-Apr-07: Limerick 12 Chekov

Anton Checkov is a playwright who's dead
Whose work often turned many heads.
The Cherry Orchard is one such play
Of His, that I can say
I understood what was actually said.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Fri 27-Apr-07: Limerick 11 checkbook

A checkbook keeps track of your money
It lets you give cash to your honey
In one part you list the amount
So later you don’t forget to count
Your balance, so it doesn’t get funny.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thu 26-Apr-07: Limerick 10 "Chabad House"

There is one place all over the earth
Where Friday Night is celebrated with mirth
If there's a Jew that's around
He can surely be found
At Chabad's table, enjoying rebirth

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wed 25-Apr-07: Limerick 9 "The PC guy"

Limerick 9

The PC Guy said to his wife
I know I haven't a life
All my PC's here and there
Growl and Snarl like a bear
Since my cabling's on the dice.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tue 24-Apr-07: Opera Trio (Limerick 8)

Opera Trio (Limerick 8)

Opera to me was always boring
'cause words so foreign made me be snoring.
Until at last I finally heard
Opera in English, lyrics quite absurd
Yet absorbing and not be abhorrent

Gilbert and Sullivan composers of your
Made Opera for me not be a bore
HMS Pinafore is a funny delight
Witty and charming it's sung just so right
And the Navy's plights just make it soar.

To my wife opera's simply a chore
Said she to me, "It just makes me snore"
Said I to she, "It's simply romantic"
She disagreed, saying it makes her frantic
'cause the soprano sounds like it's just been gored

Monday, April 23, 2007

Mon 23-Apr-07: The Pitch

The Pitch

Some things must never be done.
One is watch baseball and listen to their commentary.
For you see, better yet
Listen to the radio broadcast, while watching the game

This will affect you, and your brain
Because your mind will listen to the game
While your eyes see the whole frame
Thus training your eyes and your senses

Listening to the color commentary on the radio
Makes sense, because you can say, "Yo!"
My brain understands, and my eyes comprehend
All the stimuli that they receive.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sun 22-Apr-07: Commercials (includes Limerick 7)

Commercials (includes Limerick 7)

My kids grew up without commercials
Because we watched PBS.
But still PBS has ads between their shows
We simply mute it, and talk about
Why commercials are so, so bad.

Our country's gone to pot,
Intelligence in the nation is simply shot.
Watching TV and ads just dulls your mind
Until a smart mind you can no longer find
The average consumer's mind is just shot.

So give up those commercials
TIVO through them so you don't get bored
And cause your children to become consumer whores
Abstinence is the word for the day
It's a way you too can play that way!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sat 21-Apr-07: Radio


Just click off the T-V
There's a whole wide world out there.

Sitcoms simply suck the life-force from you
And have you sit and watch, but not do.

Radio allows you to live life to its fullest
By giving you a soundtrack for life.

Commercials? Who listens?
Simply turn them off in your mind.

Or better yet, channel surf
And, Just say, "No, No" to them!

And enjoy the rest of the show.
Just let go, and go with the flow.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Fri 20-Apr-07: The Cash Machine

Fri 20-Apr-07: The Cash Machine Limerick 6

Next in Line? Make it fast!
Or, your place in line may not last
Place your groceries on the belt
Scan your codes before your Ice Cream melts
Enter your PIN and cash is in your grasp.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thu 19-Apr-07: Time for Renewal

Time 4 Renewal

No outs, One down
It's time to whittle the lead down.

Inside the pocket
It's time to swing.

Make that bat, sweat and sing
Boing the core, out past the field.

Make the fielder jump and miss
As you power a run in, to tie.

Rounding the bases you stop and chat
Saying to all, "How was that"?

Monday, April 16, 2007

Mon 16-Apr-07: Harriet Meyers

Harriet Meyers

Oh why, oh why, did you like, and lie?
Oh Why could you think you'd be by?
Did you not know telling the president lies every day
Would get in the way of your oath of office?

Oh Harriet, after you withdrew
Your name from the supreme court
Where did you think working for Bush would get you?
Oh Lie, Lie, Lied, in your bed now.

Let's see if you too get disbarred
Like Alberto and everyone else will
Was it good for you? We can't wait
For our chance to see you water-boarded at night.


YEA! Paul is going...

OK.. lets see:

RUMsfeld: GONE

Dick Cheney: Still STUBBORN and HERE
Alberto: NEXT victim

IMPEACH the rest!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sun 15-Apr-07: Da Man ,Donny

Da Man ,Donny

Donald Rumsfeld, he the man.
Ran our country into the garbage can.
He listened to Wolfowitz and 'then
Pushed our troops into a powder-keg and "bloomie".

Mashed, remains of US Army all around.
He vetoed the generals when they wanted half a million on the ground.
He didn't plan for after the war, what then?
And he didn’t resign for four years after doing this, WHEN?

Donny Rumsfeld, he cut our forces
And privatized the lot
Following Dick Cheney's orders, of course
And contracted with Halliburton for top dollars

Burn in Hell, Donny Rumsfeld
Or better yet, just roast in Gitmo Baya
And enjoy the delights of Water-boarding
And wish you hadn't violated the Geneva accords.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sat 14-Apr-07: Time to Go

Time to Go

Alberto, hurry up or we'll be late
Fer Christ's sakes, what's the rush?
Well, Amigo, this is the list flight off the planet
If we miss it, our goose is cooked, said Bushki.

The UN has issued, you see a Global APB
To detain and arraign us
In a prison of our choosing
And I think it's either Abu-Grave, or gitmo-Bay

I prefer Abu-Grave, said Donny Rumsfeld
At least our GI's weren't too intense.
Ahem, Carl Rove said, I think we tortured there too
So, boss, where do you prefer to get screwed.

Umnh, Carl, I thought I gave this to you.
Why is it coming back in my face?
Boss, it's time you knew the truth
We lost the war, the congress, and the country too!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Fri 13-Apr-07: Shit Smells Dirty

Shit Smells Dirty

Isn’t it a shame that shit smells?
Whether you're a president
Or a nation-less enemy combatant
It still smells nasty, no matter who shat it

Bush forty-two is our worst leader
Three wars and two nuk-le-arh countries later
He took six years to can da Rumesfeld
Despite the carnage he's caused

We can't wait another two years
We need new relief NOW
Just like a migrane feels better
After you POUND it with three Aspirin.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thu 12-Apr-07: The Ohio War

The Ohio War

You Dem's got owned.
We 'repub's blew away
State of Ohio's Web site
For the 2004 Bush Election day

Now how you say?
Simple, we stole the website that day
And sent them all to the RNC
So that we could do tallies for he!

Now the web don't lie
And it a mighty big Oh-My!
Betcha didn't know
Everything on the web gets logged, just so!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wed 11-Apr-07: Dear President Bushki -- Sung to the tune of Officer Krupke

Wed 11-Apr-07: Dear President Bushki
(Sung to the tune of Officer Krupke from West Side Story)

Dear Unitary President
I think that you've been had.

You've destroyed our democracy
And screwed it up real bad

You've made all our country
The jerks of all the world
Why can't you just admit that you have failed?

You have failed, You have failed
You have miserably failed
You have totally screwed us up.

(Music till next verse)

Dear President Bush-ki
We've found you out

Paul and Dick's wars are all to blame
And puppet master Cheney is totally insane

Your WMD War was not just about
Your Mideast policy is just insane

It's insane, It's insane
It's insane and inane
It's just totally insane.

(Music till next verse)

Dear President torturer, haven’t you heard?
Water-Boarding torture is now a curse word?

Alberto Gonzales, the architect of that
Got rewarded and bumped upstairs
Bumped upstairs, Bumped upstairs,
Bumped upstairs, Bumped upstairs,
Alberto got bumped upstairs.

Now he denies, he denies, he denies and lies
He totally denies and lies

Dear President MBA, what can you do?
You’ve delegated all, through and through

Rumsfeld lied, so did Wolfowits
Cheney lies too, now in this bed you lie

All your MBA work has just gone to pot
It just shows that you don’t think a lot
Thoughtless planning, thoughtless review

Just so you know, you are through
you are through, you are through
you are through, you are through
And congress isn't done with you.

Your Daddy were a pres-dent
He thought he had a son
You mommy's golden goil
You never run a business
That 'tweren't in the RED
You sat out the Vietnam war
By claiming you were done
You've done your share of drinking
And driving DUI
You've even done the coke thing,
Then claimed that it was a lie

Good-ness gracious,
My oh My, are you HIGH?

Dear President Bush-ki
What are we to do?
You screwed up our country
And turned it into poo.

Your buddy Alberto be gone soon
Like the Donald Rumsfeld was

Puppet master Cheney just needs to be stopped
His terrible planning is just not a lot
His wings need to be clipped now
So he will stop. I guess that
Impeachment will say a lot!

Impeach now, Impeach now,
Impeach now, Impeach now,
It's time to impeach them now

(more to come)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tue 10-Apr-07: The Contractor War

The Contractor War

Cheney was defense secretary
And started a little known plan
The plan to strip and rape our military.

His Plan? Can the KP Man!
Can the laundry man.
Can EVERYBODY but the fighters, Man!

So, he hired companies to serve the meals
And do the laundry and clean the fields
And whoops, he went to work for one (company)

And then he created the biggest war ever
And the last Defense Secretary hired
His ex-company, Halliburton to run the shit, man.

And now his shit's starting to smell
Smell as dirty as the swords coming from his mouth
As he too, denies anything is wrong.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Mon 09-Apr-07: Paul the Banker

Paul the Banker

Who you gonna call?
Paul the banker, Paul the banker
It's that HOT one, he Paul the banker

Paul de banker, da money man can
Give you a 50% raise, if you can "do" him
And are not a man!

He play poopie with our money
And give da money for nada, to his Goilfriend
And she do him, again, and again, and again

But Paul, da bankers are mad-mad
'cause Paul-da-banker does goilfriend
And Paul-da-banker gonna go, go, gone-soon!

And Bush, his MBA friend gonna go too
Oh No, say So, Paul de former banker!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sun 08-Apr-07: Limerick 5 (Alberto's Trio!)

Limerick 5 (six and seven too!) Alberto's Trio!

Alberto, he be da boss of dey eight
But he say, I no know why dey so late.
Da President, he my man
Dat's why the eight was canned.
But wait, I don't know why I showed them the gate.

And to the congress, Alberto said:

I be sorry, I not so clear
You demanded me, so I am here
I did no wrong in canning the eight
Even though I have no idea why I showed them the gate
I only represent one man, he my dear!

Bushkie, he be my man.
So what, he got no plan…
He told me da eight no good.
So, I told them, Get back to the 'hood
What? I be chief law man for country? Damn!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sat 07-Apr-07: Limerick#4 – Love stays

Limerick 4 – Love stays

Love doesn’t grow on trees
But you can find it on your knees
When she calls out to you
Best if you just 'coo
And joyfully, too, if you please.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Fri 06-Apr-07: Batting


It's time for a pitch
It's time for the throw
It's time for a foul-tip
No, now it's a ball.

A nice, clean strike zone
Ah, the crisp sound of wood, against the ball
Yes, it connects, giving the birds a run
Smacked above the players in center field.

Up in the sky, it’s a bird
No, it's a plane!
No. It's the ball
Soaring past the outfield wall!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Wed 04-Apr-07: Nero Fiddled

Nero Fiddled

As Rome started going up in flames,
Nero the emperor started to play his fiddle.

He watched Rome burn
And turned and turned.

He speeded it up
And saw it fall.

He slowed it down
And turned and frowned.

He walked away, and said,
"That's it for today!"

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tue 03-Apr-07: Wait for da Money

Wait for da Money

Da bankers, dey dem lied.
They gave us ATM's that snuck into our lives.

Dey claimed dey'd always be free
Dey calimed dey'd make life easy for you and me.

Da bankers sold us a bunch o' crap,
And now we da chumps that sit for that!

We remember when our money was free
Free from Fees, at the local ATM's.

We need to revolt and overthrow these banks
And make our cash say, "OH THANKS!"

Free our money, oh won't you please
From those lyin' banking thieves!

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sat 31-Mar-07: Birthday Greeting, Bottle of wine

Birthday Greeting, Bottle of wine

When I get older (much older then now)
And have lost all my senses.

Will I still remember to call you up
Wish you sweetly and celebrate with a pop.

Happy Birthday dearie, now you're older too.
Did you remember to take you meds too?

Why the sad faces, why the dumb stares,
Was it a public farce?

It's just another day of the year
One that eventually will lose ALL it's cheer.

Will you still feed me, will you still heed me?
When I've got full blown Alzheimer's dear???

Friday, March 30, 2007

Fri 30-Mar-07: Waiting for Godot

Waiting for Godot

Hurry up and wait
Better to wait then not to go.

Or, is not going better?
Stay here, and wait for the clock to tick.

Waiting for the baysitter to come
An evening away from the kinderlacht.

I'll hurry up and pray
Pray that all is well.

Time to Go? Already?
But I was having so much fun with you.

To be continued…

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thu 29-Mar-07: Gym or Jim

Gym or Jim

Time is flexible, don’t you know?
Isn't it amazing, working out in the gym.

Jim is in the gym tonight
The gym is running after Jim.

Jim rows, but he isn’t getting far
His boat isn't leaving the shore.

His trainer tells him not to shake
If it's hips that are to quake

He starts to run, and lucky for Jim,
His treadmill is totally plugged in.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wed 28-Mar-07: Cat-tas-trophe

In 2005, I wrote 365 poems, one per day after hearing Suzanne Lori-Parks tell how she wrote one play a day for the previous year.  Mine? Some catty, some political...


That darned cat. No hat on this cat.
What did he do? What didn't he see?
Amazing he is, so frustrating for me.

A small situation, a pile of trouble.
Such a nice day for a pile of rubble.
Oh that cat, what a Cat-as-trophe.

It didn’t start out that bad.
Not one whit of trouble this morn.
Oh the trouble he's borne.

You see my fish, do you not?
No? Just look in his belly, right behind that chair.
The evidence is sitting in there!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tue 27-Mar-07: Tired at last

Tired at last

Time for bed, said his mom
Already? Opined the boy, buried in his game.
I gave you a thirty minute warning, said mom.
Okay, said the boy, after I save the game.

But Mom, you said bed at ten!
Your clock must be wrong, it's only nine now!
But thirty seconds ago you said you were tired.
And now? You have a second wind?

You do know that it doesn’t matter
How late that you stay up
Its how tired your body is
That matters the most.

Mom, is it okay if I come up
And go to bed now?
I am kind of tired now, I guess
And I can't keep my eyes open.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Mon 26-Mar-07: Just do it

Just do it

Too Tired? Just do it.
Too little time? Stop the clock.
Too much lip? Shut the mouth.
Too little help? Stop giving in.

Move it now
Seize the day
Time waits for no one
We all wait for the right one.

Still want it bad? Just do it!
Can't wait for the right time?
Maybe you're not sure.
Go ahead. Do it now!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sun 25-Mar-07: Sad Sack (Limerick 3)

Sad Sack

Sad Sack sits in his shack
He stares at the picture in back
He wonders if his boy will come home
Thinks he, I am so, so alone
And his son is far away in Iraq

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sat 24-Mar-07: Spring into Summer

Spring into Summer

Spring weather is finally here
The abuses of winter are finally gone.

Astonishing as it seems
The earlier time changes erased its speed.

But green is better then white,
And flowers start to sprout.

Soon Pools, will come back into minds
As pumps, coils and chemicals are stirred into the brine.

Kids, jumping and yelling around
Will soon follow, sound being all around.

Then finally, summer is here
And kids all over will say, "There's 'nut'in to do, today"

And Parents all over can say,
"Go jump in the pool, for the rest of the day!"

Friday, March 23, 2007

Fri 23-Mar-07: You're to blame!

You're to blame!
Shot through the heart, and I'm to blame
Everything in life, is my fault.

Didn't clean the house, I'm to blame
I suck at life, I'm bad man.

I mix my cereals, I'm to blame
I make fatherhood; a bad game.

I can't spell, I'm to blame
My daughter says I give education, a bad name.

I'm unemployed, not enough ca$h to spare
I give manhood, a bad name.

I'm too old, got no energy
I give old age a bad name.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thu 22-Mar-07: Limerick (2)

Said the guy to his gal, spring is here.
Said she, let's go and celebrate dear!
come down and meet me for lunch
It'll be warm, I've a hunch,
and we can have a bagel with a shmear!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wed 21-Mar-07: Nineteen Hundred and Forty-Eight

Nineteen Hundred and Forty-Eight

A Palestinian state
Why must we wait?
We had the land in 1848
I say back to that caliphate’s state.

The ottoman empire was all Muslim, love or hate
All inhabitants, paid and waited.
Was it democracy? No way!
It was strictly, “Pay to Play”.

But World War One made this all moot
Since the British were asked to follow suit
And try and administer the land, and thus, not to loot.

An early investigation Lord Balfour did make
That Jews to Palestine, may migrate
Yet time and time again, the Arabs did kill
1919, '24, '29 the Jews, they did massacre.

in ’24, a winsome young Churchill
did appease an Arab leader, thru, and thru.
By giving half of the land for a state all brand new
This state, never before did exist.

This action, so small seeming then
Has blossomed very big again and again.
This land called trans-Jordan had never existed
Yet in 1948, it stole the all land set for us.

In ‘48, the United Nations did debate, then Declare,
Two states must exist for both Arab and Jew.
Jews everywhere celebrated the date
Yet, the Arabs STILL call that date, “THE TRADGEDY”

Now Arabs all over want a place for a state
Yet do they even accept the date of ‘Forty-Eight?
No. They still won’t accept the peace plan of 1948
Let’s start there for a change.

For all arab states to accept ‘Forty-Eight
Once accepted, no more saying, “The Tragedy”
Free trade with Israel, and finally a state.
A state on BOTH sides of the Jordan.

Yes, Jordan stole 80% of the land
That the United Nations originally planned.
It annexed all the land for it’s borders.
But now, it’s time for it to re-nounce it.

The ’48 peace plan will not be without pain.
Pain in burying the tragedy, admitting Israel
No right of return, and no sixty-seven borders.
The borders of nineteen forty-eight WILL be the state.

Pain too for Israel, one day.
For Jerusalem in whole was to be an international city
But today this can wait, till Jordan unannexes It’s land.

Then the international city debate can start
Whose record was fairer, the Jews or the Arabs?
’48-67 nearly twenty years as a record
versus 67-07, nearly double that time!

From ’48 to ’67 there was no free access.
Hotels were built on cemeteries, roads made from grave-stones.
No Jews ever saw or prayed at their wall,
The Holiest place for them at all.

But since 1967, Israel took over. Jews could then worship all over.
And Arabs could worship at their holy Mosques,
As well as Turks, Christians all over the city,
Whose record would YOU choose to defend?

SO until all the Arab states, including Saudia-Arabia
Agree to the 1948 U.N. Resolutions
No state can ever be Palestinian
Since they are only ONE state of two.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tue 20-Mar-07: Spy vs. Spy

Spy vs. Spy

Spy vs. Spy
Shi’ia versus Sunni
Moslem versus Moslem

This is war. This is peace.
This is our future, can you say, “global war”?

Our country’s leaders declared a war
But it seems we’re the ones now besieged
Since we’ll be paying for the next fifty years.

The muslims want a global caliphate
Where all non-muslims must bow and kneel
To show their allegiance, or dead they’ll fall.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Mon 19-Mar-07: Health


Thank heavens, I have my health.
So far, thank the Lord, I am “normal”.

For the moment, all is okay
But ONLY because we pay through the nose.

Our country is sick
Sicker then our government.

If our government had our health care plan
Universal care would be automatic, man!

A simple congressional health plan for all is our country’s best step forward.

But just like the last sixty years
The Republicians will fight it to their best.

But finally, even big business can see,
There’s no other way to increases employee productivity

The largest economy in the world
Is the most backwards in heal care, you see.

But if we move health care out of business
And into the government

Many more citizens would have coverage
And les children would go uncovered.

Once no longer the responsibility
Of business, up goes productivity

And millions of formerly uncovered
Will then rest at night, refreshed.

This, I pray will soon come to be
We our country needs this so desparately!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sat 17-Mar-07: Kick me, Kick me

Kick me, Kick me

Did someone just paste
A sign saying, kick-me on my back?
Discomfort, as usual
The beast, again is unleashed.

Discussions over breakfast
About politics, government, and lawyers
Swiftly give way to violence
When career advice is given

Blissful silence follows
At least I can write
While my body relaxes
And stops shuddering at its plight.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Fri 16-Mar-07: Untitled (Limerick)


I Once knew a gal way down south.
Whose driver stopped off at his house.
He slipped out of gear,
And said pardon me dear.
As a curse slipped out of his mouth.

This is my FIRST (ever) Limerick.. Please be kind!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thu 15-Mar-07: Multitudes


Many face the implausible
Few face the impossible,
And fewer still can overcome it.

Life and its challenges will never stop
Can a simple person ever keep up?
Quite quite dicey, so it seems.

Time is one key problem
Space is another one
Both quite difficult to overcome

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

One I Missed: 1/16/07 The Dead (a song for the dixie chicks)

I can't believe I forgot to post this. putting on the BLOG TOO

Anyone out there write music? I'd love to have this set to music, and wrote it that way!..

Tuesday 16-Jan-07: The Dead

The Dixie Chicks had it right
They were just too early for most of us
But they nailed it right on the head.
They saw how many of our boys and girls would soon be dead.

It's just time to restore our country
We've just removed the blindfolds,
And we see the blood, and all the gore,
and what's left of our democracy
Swallowed by the shadows of so-called, "presidential authority"

We're in a war, that'll last forever.
Started by a madman, worse then Pol-Pot.
A draft he denied, yet our kids will be in line.
To support our bases in the middle of Camp Iraqi in 2049

"W" smoked pot, and drove drunk,
Did coke, and ditched the draft
Yet military experience? he had none
Now we'll all pay for his bit of fun.

Country Music fans dumped on the Chicks,
Turns out they were all just a bunch of hicks. (pricks)
Now, three years later, the country's all agreed.
We're not gonna take it, now we're just peeved.

It's just time to restore our country
We've just removed the blindfolds,
And we see the blood, and all the gore,
and what's left of our democracy
Swallowed by the shadows of so-called, "presidential authority"

Water torture Cheney says is fine
Spying on citizens isn't a crime
Claims of Nine-Eleven not withstanding
You gotta wonder who last man will be standing.

Cheney, and Bush (43) need to get out now.
And maybe Pelosi (44) will pardon them somehow.
Before the UN War Crimes Tribunal locks the cell on their toes into Abu-Graves

It's just time to restore our country
We've just removed the blindfolds,
And we see the blood, and all the gore,
and what's left of our democracy
Swallowed by the shadows of so-called, "presidential authority"

Yes, citizens of our country
It's time for us to all agree.
We’re stuck inside this illegal war
But now how do we proceed, indeed.

Now our troops still need our help oh Lord.
They are far from home, and hardly bored.
They're stuck out there in harms way
Praying they'll survive yet another day.

It's just time to restore our country
We've just removed the blindfolds,
And we see the blood, and all the gore,
and what's left of our democracy
Swallowed by the shadows of so-called, "presidential authority"

Just how do you stop a war
That never should have come?
We broke it bad, now needs fixing
Idea: Let's send Paul Wolfowitz out to BAGDAD, with a AK-47.

The UN never approved the war,
and them Bush just ignored.
Now we need an Arab Army
Yet them, Bush STILL ignores.

Iran and North Korea now both have new nukes
And again he screws up diplomacy
And soon Iran he'll try and shoot.

Our fifteen year olds will have to know
A Draft for them is Real.
Three years in the army, or instead in cities big
Service will stink big time, but this time all is fair.

Wed 14-Mar-07: Kittty Sleep

Kittty Sleep

What? Why would I want to move?
Oh. You want to get up?
Very well, I’ll get off of you.

Owner, you don’t need to worry
I’ll let you live here too.
I’m much happier when someone’s here
To take care of mee---oooh.

Life’s a breeze when you’re a cat.
Find a chair, take a nap.
Nibble some food, sip some water
Rest, and then start all over.

It’s quite a life, I do admit
I sit and look, then strech, strech, nap.
Time to rest, till you go to bed
Yawn, sigh, and nicey nap!.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Mon 12-Mar-07: Ronnie Rules

Ronnie Rules
I grew up with Ronnie Spector and the Ronettes.
Tonight, they are inducted into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame.

So won't you please, Be my, be my baby.
Be my little baby, My one and only baby

Say you'll be my darling, Be my, be my baby
Be my baby now, My one and only baby.

Twas a difficult life, finally marrying Phil Spector in 1968,
Yet, like in life, breaking up was hard to do,
but they knew, that they were thru

Some say, that this is the end, but we really know
That this is just a new beginning

Now Ronnie has her life, as a wife, mom, and now
The acknowledgment that it was her, and not only Phil.

Her Ex is STILL a genius, however, now we know
That bi-polar disorder can disrupt and even kill.

Or in Phil's case, he killed,
and needs to be caged.

It's a thrill, to see Ronnie Rule
especially since Ronnie has full control this time.

Finally, her material, arrangements, and even production are hers.
Not some lunatic on trial for murder.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sun 11-Mar-07: Ode to Joy

Ode to Joy

This is written to the one I love,
This is for the one whose days I share.

Once upon a time, I was too stupid to know
What I needed to do, what was needed to show.

But over the years, you've taught me
How to see; and how to be.

What can I say that can help ease the pain
of growing another year wiser, yet ever still older.

Except to say, that through the years, you can still
Laugh and giggle at me and say "you're still older then me, hee hee".

Interestingly, are recent contents of our home's mailbox
Seems now, we're listed as interested in retirement property.

Our kids? One's gone and older then dirt at twenty-two.
The other? We want to sell, dirt cheap!

'tis never-ending tsuris and pain
But together, we've been able to avoid the rain.

Is it time to quit?
Or are we just so old, that we have to stop, and sit?

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,
From an Old fool, to my happy dearest.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sat 10-Mar-07: I’ve got plenty o’ nothing

I’ve got plenty o’ nothing

I’ve got plenty o’ nothing
And nothing’s got plenty of me.

Oh, I have plenty of trouble
And trouble’s my other name.

Oh, I’ve got lots of sunshine
But the snow here’s got me in a big frown.

Oh I have plenty of children
Thou my children have too much of me.

I have lots of computers
And sometimes they just pnn me!

I have way too much free time
But my free time is over for me.

I have way too much work now,
But work is too much for me.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Fri 09-Mar-07: Pop goes the Wolfowitz *

Pop goes the Wolfowitz *

Around and round the Washington wonks
The Wolfowitz did crawl
And said he once, and said to all
Iraq, we need her OIL.

For Sadaam Hussein is an Evil Guy
Just like a little weasel
And 'cause he needs to eventually fall
We might as well take his oil.

Now we can't get in there today
Because he hates our guts.
But since we want to play with his oil
Saadam he needs to fall.

Oh, we got the goods on Sadaam
OK, so we cooked the books.
Who cares that we cooked the evidence,
Sadaam, we wants his oil.

Now boss bush he said he wants that oil
And if Sadaam should happenen to fall
The world would not cry too much
Exxon she needs his oil.

So Wolfowitz searched for some WMD
And failed to find a-one.
But weasels figured out how to fudge them
And Bush he got his oil.

Now Wolfowitz forgot to plan
On how to end the war
He thought that once Saadam was gone again
That they'd give up all their oil.

But unlike most rats he forgot to plan,
An escape route to his nest.
And now the USA is stuck in here
As a totally unwelcome guest.

* Sing-able to the tune of "Pop Goes the weasel", like the weasel that he is!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thu 08-Mar-07: A Phone tap

A Phone tap
A wrist slap, a phone tap
A red flag from the ref.
Time out for unfair play
Said the Ref to Alberto today.

You started with "un"torture
As the lawyer to the President of the USA.
You topped that by saying water's fine
If You were wanted by the CIA.

You went on by modifying the US Patriot Act
By slipping in a few quick last minute "facts".
No legislators were in on this bait and switch act
And now looks like you gonna get 'jacked.

Extraordinary rendition sounds just yucky
And is even worse if the CIA catches you.
You routed them across the world to break them
And even gave them a world view.

But Alberto, you forgot a few facts,
You no longer work for the President
You’re the chief law enforcer for the US of A.
Really looks like you're gonna get the AXE.

Looks like this spring will be the LAST one you see
From beautiful downtown Washington DC
For if the wind is true to what's coming
A twister 'be blowing you past the ole Mississippi.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wed 07-Mar-07: By the lake

By the lake

Spring has Sprung,
Here in Lake Woebegone.

Even there, out past O'hare
And do you know that

In D.C., they've banned Court TV?
A new lineup and name, I do forsee.

But in D.C., the Dems try to show restrain
As they see Roberto writhe, and dance in pain.

But, as spring as sprung,
I feel so dumb, 'cause I did not know

That the Brits, made a mock-u-mentary
Of an alternative reality.

Where "43" says, "goodbye cruel world",
And Dicky boy says, "Yes, I rule!"

And our liberties, or what's left of them
Get taken to the cleaners, under his men.

This amazing movie's on DVD right now
But I still just wonder how

That no USA movie rights were sold,
For the movie, "Death of A President", be told.

And I wonder how our rights survive
When censorship is just in overdrive.

A movie with such dramatic pretense missing
From the press, the media, from all events.

Whatever happened to freedom of speech?
Or maybe it's really time to just impeach.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tue 06-Mar-07: Springtime

The Ice is slowly thawing
Soon, insurgents will be out clawing.

Now our rifles aren't shooting,
Soon our hummers will be out rooting

Spring has sprung. Afghanistan's fine
Bagdad is peaceful, wait – that's some mighty strong wine!

Like our brothers in Bagdad, we're under-deployed here.
We haven’t the numbers nor even the commitment.

The President and his boys rushed us in then out here.
Without proper weapons, training, tools, or the like.

Now we try and try to rebuild the country here,
With all the bombs, with which we still need to deal

Politics must also be considered
'cause like Iraq, force alone, just won't do.

But at least the weather's not freezing
Or hot, like summer's icky stew.

Now, all we need to fear is the Taliban,
Whose fighters now go fighting in their turbans.

Maybe by this time next year, we'll be home, I pray
So family so precious, can again grow and play.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Mon 05-Mar-07: Red versus Blue

Red versus Blue
The rebels versus the union – No wait, I forgot
That was almost seven score ago.

The Blue versus the Red, 'wot's that all about?
Is it the poor versus the rich?

Is it the abled, versus the disabled?
Or College grads versus everyone else?

Can someone tell me when our land morphed into
The religious versus everyone else?

Now our constitution says plainly
Separate all church from the state here.

So why and why do we have so much politics
About Red (religion) versus Blue (everyone else)?

I'd swear it was almost a plot form the Trotskys
To overthrow our democracy.

By starting small, and then going bigger
Their religion it seems, starts to interfere onto me.

So take your red states, and ou too, all you zealots
And travel back to old Europe now.

And bring your religions ideas to the shores
Where the faith has a state.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sun 04-Mar-07: Presidential Knowledge

Presidential Knowledge

Presidential Knowledge, is it an oxymoron?
Could be, she opined at the bar,
As she asked for one more to pour on.

First nine-eleven, then the patriot act
Invading two countries, on made up pretensions
Leaving our country the laughing-house of all.

No WMD, no NUK-U-LEAR arms
Now Scooter's guilty of perjury
Leaving Dick Cheney a crying for alms.

Scooter fell on his sword very nice for his boss
Devoted he is, as well he should be.
Now Dick need to take his sword for HIS boss too

And Roberto, although Hispanic is he
Must resign now, before he is impeached
FBI, Patriot Acct, and 'un'torture he unleashed.

And yet our president seems ready to unleash a new war
'gainst Iran – Oh no, we've been here before.
Yet military strength is no more at the ready.

Former Secretary defense Donny and Vice President Dickey
Both Cronies, plotted and squandered our wealth
Our military to private contractors, they honored.

Leaving us with no cooks, no laundry,
No GI washed Pajamas
Just Halliburton, mercenaries, and lots of new bills.

Now the military 'cant shoot without their support aides
And billions and billions of US defense aid.
Goes Right into the coffers of Halliburton's Barhain based ExPats.

It's time for the Democrats to start cleaning our houses.
Starting with Dick, then George, and then the contractors.
And restore the cooks, and soldiers we now know we need.

Yes, pain we'll have for the next twenty years
As we re-start the draft to get all the manpower
That currently we subcontract and pay for.

When we redo the draft, we need to take good care of
Our new civilian army, and its dependents too
We'll need to have a spot for service to our country too.

A three year service corp, of army or city
Will help after High School, for all our young teens.
This time, Higher ed, will just have to wait though.

Till all our "Youte" have served for their country.
As soldiers, or teachers, or just fixing things.
And then will come back and enroll them to study.

And maybe then, this will help in the cities.
Poverty may be just chiseled away.
And our kids will have at least learned a trade.

Now Crime in the cities, and gangs in particular
Are one of the worst things we can do to our kids now
This program, I hope will help to re-educate them.

Now service is painful, yet can be rewarding
Starting in five years, would all eighteen year olds go
Into the army or city, till they hit twenty-one.

This five year period would grant us all some time
To adjust to this change, so significant
And this, in my closing, I wish you a farewell.

Our future will be brighter, our kids will be learning
Our Army fully staffed, and our cities, cleaner
And all will be forgiven between red and blue

Friday, March 02, 2007

Fri 02-Mar-07: Stubborn IS

Stubborn IS
(hummed to the tune of I am the walrus [Lennon/McCarthy])

Stubborn is as stubborn does
Unlike Forrest Gump, stubborn sucks.

Stubborn people just don't get it.
Stubborn people versus other people seems to say:

I am me and we are me and I am all together
You are wrong, and I am right and I don’t care what you say.

'Cause I wont listen. Won't Listen.
Can't Listen. No Control.

So argue all you want but my mind's totally closed.
It's fruitless.

You may be my boss or teacher, but I just don't care.
I'm stubborn.

You may want to compromise
But I still will say never.

Why would I compromise? I am always right.
Even if you're in charge, I am never wrong.

I cannot admit defeat, compromises never possible.
Doesn't matter how painful, I will never give in.

Even if I'm wrong, I just cannot admit it.
I push myself into a corner, paint myself into it.

Once I am cornered, watch out for my temper.
I realize I'm out of control, but I just can't stop it.

So if you back off now, I will eventually give in
But damned if you push it, it will start all over.

So just let me do this quietly, and calmly
Later on, I may even apologize.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thu 01-Mar-07: Time is Short

Time is Short

Tempis Fugit. Time flies.
Our inner child wants to soar.
But the world around us just roars and roars.

We rush, rush, rush, when growing up.
Then we wish, wish, wish, could just stop the clock
But time goes so slow, when you're just so.

Childhood sucks when you're growing up
When do they become the good 'ole days?
How do we define what was swell?

My days grow slightly shorter
My wishes grow longer and longer
My lofe continues to be fuller.

Time keeps on slipping, into the future.
Tempis fugit. Forever and ever.
Time is Precious. Forever.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wed 28-Feb-07: Another Dime

Another Dime

Another cheap paperback novel
Another big glass of cheer

It's a wonder what a dime will buy you
Here at the local five and dime.

Wonder when I'll get married
Or what'll I whisper in her ear.

That's a lot to be dreaming of
Since I's only still a shoot going up.

Aw, lets go to the drive in movies
I'll hide in the trunk this time.

What's zat? Don't want me to come?
Oh, a date with Donna LaLone; I see.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tue 27-Feb-07: The Perspective

The Perspective

How we look, outside.
What we see, inside
What we feel, up top.

Is it real? Can you feel?
What you see equals what we be.
How you do, becomes who you are.

Your view of outside
Makes you see and be
Will it be a good ride?

Everyday is a challenge
Will others be unkind
Or can you simply rewind all the scenes.

Making he best of a bad situation
Our perspective can change us
A rainy day into sunshine play.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Mon 26-Feb-07: College Calls

College Calls

Campus calls
The College Campus
A busy cacophony.

A guy with some books
Hunkered down in the library
Dazing and Dozing through stacks of fat factoids.

His brain cramped to the max
No more room for a datum
His grade will depend on what's left on the inside.

The girl walks on by
But he doesn’t even see her
Intense concentration has made him forget.

She sighs and comes back
For another trip round 'gain.
Her skirt, by her thighs, tight and dark brown.

Her lips, blue and bright
Just like her wide eyes
Start to open and emit a small sound.

He looks up, finally smiles and kisses her hello
Her eyes glimmer brightly, then a frown overtakes her.
Tomorrow, I promise, I'll be through, I promise you.

Slowly, she walks, back to her dorm room
Alone, for tonight, but not really alone.
Tomorrow, her honey, is done with the term.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sun 25-Feb-07: Sighs of Life

Sighs of Life

Sighs of life are vivid.
Technicolor sighs show red.
Breathing is a bright blue
And waiting is simply green

Life can be described in colors
As we write and writhe our way through the day.
Anger is red
Peaceful is blue.

Happy is Rainbow
And kids are just green.
Once brought into our world
Till they leave our homes sure.

Colors circle our lifes
And tint all of our views.
It's our choices
That make who we are.

To look sad, with sepia tinge.
Is not the way we should strive.
Alive and aloud with a pinkish dyed hue.
We need to live life full, to have a good eternal view.

(reader question: Are the colors actually DISTRACTING from the poem? Please leave a comment anyway, whether you like or hate a poem!
thanks again,

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sat 24-Feb-07: Junior doesn’t Know

Sat 24-Feb-07: Junior doesn’t Know

Junior doesn’t know how
The way out of his paper bag.

Junior thinks he is king.
And 'Dickey' is is vizier.

Junior keeps his head in the sand.
He just doesn’t know that the song is done.

Junior doesn’t see the handwriting on the wall
The ink that says yankee go away, but leave our ball!

Balls, Barrels, scads of oil
All destined by oil man Bush for the house of Saud.

His oil war has disgraced our country
His legacy will linger past his hour.

Our children, drafted will be
Despite his claims to the contrary.

A lifetime in Bagdad will we remember
To clean up from his disdain.

Impeach Cheney now
Veep Pelosi may show us how.

Then Bush too, must walk the plank
As his legacy has already sank.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Fri 23-Feb-07: Not Deserving

Not Deserving
I don't deserve to be a parent.
I don't take my kids' fun into consideration.

I want to go back and undo it.
There. Done. Are you happy?

I've gone backwards in time.
I am single, unhappy, and (still) a geek.

Kids? Who needs them?
Too much work. Too many problems.

Reality interferes with all dreams.
No. I guess I am still a parent.

No. I cannot let you have your way;
I am the parent, and what I say, goes.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wed 21-Feb-07: A Night in Bagdad

A Night in Bagdad

Evening comes. We're up, ready to rock.
Tonight, we roll, into the city, avoiding IED's.

Armor we don, praying we'll take it off ourselves, later.
The enemy we seek we call are called insurgents.

Our loved ones flash before our eyes and thoughts
Their love and hope to see them again, rule our mission.

Load up, check the HumVee's packing list
As we go to a place we'd rather miss.

Down the road so far from the base,
Take out the target, back, the rest to case.

Success tonight, no fire, no shots at all.
Meantime we live again, to chat, surf and call.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

TUE 20-Feb-07: Silent Night

Silent Night

Silent Night.
Tired Night.

All is calm.
Peace has come.

Give peace a chance.
Why would you want to kill innocent civilians?

Why do you want to destroy society?
Is your brand of terror fair to others?

It's impossible to have seen
What would come from the simple bombing of a Bus.

Now to blowing up trucks filled with Chlorine gas.
To destroy absolutely more and cause more damage…

Monday, February 19, 2007

Sun 19-Feb-07: Wanton Desire.

Wanton Desire.

Is it logical to desire more?
Is it acceptable to dream of more?

Once settled, once comfortable.
How does one decide?

Is it fair to ask for more?
Can anyone, anytime go after dreams?

Or are dreams reserved only for the young.
Leaving the old, to simply rot in place.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sun 18-Feb-07: Cacophony


Loud. Noise. Obnoxious Toys.
Flashing lights, noise till night.

How do the employees stand it?
Just crazy enough to confound everything.
An indoor arcade. High tech escapades.

A place for kids. A place that's alive.
A quiet escape? Not in this lifetime.

I must be getting old. Once it was a mecca,
Now, tis simply another distraction.

And, most amazingly, I wonder how I spent
almost a year of weekends here.

Planning and writing a business plan
checking my laptop, verifying the plans.

I' guess I've had my lifetime's fill
For Chuck-E-Cheese's pandemonium.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sat 17-Feb-07: Insomnia Rules

Insomnia Rules

Is it needed?

Can you rest instead?

Tired, yet not quite dead.

Mr. Sandman wants to visit.

No. I'm not ready yet.

I just turned on my laptop.

I am owned. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Fri 16-Feb-07: President's weekend

President's weekend

President's weekend used to be two days.

A day to honor Abraham Lincoln,

And, a day to remember the father of our country, George Washington.

Now, since it's a long weekend to celebrate "many" presidents

We can celebrate number 13 and number 43 together.

Millard and W. just perfect together.

Millard used to have the record of the worst president of the United States. No more. Millard just got promoted ahead of George W. Bush, our 43rd (and current) president.

And I can celebrate a four day weekend with my family, by watching my son all day.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thu 15-Feb-07: Unrepentant Anger

Thu 15-Feb-07: Unrepentant Anger

The Blood boils.
The bile starts its trip up the digestive system

Anger rears its disgusting head.
Along the way, the hands start to fly.

The Mouth starts to spew vermin
The body reaches out, and starts to attack.

Innocent sheep are tortured
Terrible incidents of cruelty are threatened.

And then…..
Calmness returns.

And blissful Silence.
While one surveys the devastated landscape

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wed 14-Feb-07: Love Stinks

Love Stinks

***See Lyrics at end: LOVE STINKS: J. Geils Band

You see her.
She sees you.

You love her
She may love you.

If you're lucky in love
It may last forever.

If not….Love Stinks…

- -

LOVE STINKS: J. Geils Band

J. Geils Band

You love her
But she loves him
And he loves somebody else
You just can't win
And so it goes
Till the day you die
This thing they call love
It's gonna make you cry
I've had the blues
The reds and the pinks
One thing for sure

(Love stinks)
Love stinks yeah yeah
(Love stinks)
Love stinks yeah yeah
(Love stinks)
Love stinks yeah yeah
(Love stinks)
Love stinks yeah yeah

Two by two and side by side
Love's gonna find you yes it is
You just can't hide
You'll hear it call
Your heart will fall
Then love will fly
It's gonna soar
I don't care for any casanova thing
All I can say is
Love stinks

(Love stinks)
Love stinks yeah yeah
(Love stinks)
Love stinks yeah yeah
(Love stinks)
Love stinks yeah yeah
(Love stinks)
Love stinks yeah yeah

I've been through diamonds
I've been through minks
I've been through it all
Love stinks

(Love stinks)
Love stinks yeah yeah
(Love stinks)
Love stinks yeah yeah
(Love stinks)
Love stinks yeah yeah
(Love stinks)
Love stinks yeah yeah

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tue 13-Feb-07: Enhanced Brain waves

Enhanced Brain waves.

It is said that the human brain can be enhanced.
The question is by whom, or by what.

Can simply typing automatically,
Help enhance the brain?

Or will touch typing a poem
Simply give the standard computer Science 101 response?

Garbage in, garbage out.
That is the question,

Whether it is smarter to try and create
in a challenging environment,

Or is simply a waste of time, and effort.
I don't know, but typing is automatic and good.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Mon 12-Feb-07: Unmitigated Glee

Unmitigated Glee

I don't ski. I don't skate.
I don’t care, I'm never late.

I hate Ski lifts, I abhor the snow.
I hate shoveling, it's too much weight.

I hate winter. Hate. Hate. Hate.
If school's closed, It's sleep, late, late, late

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sun 11-Feb-07: Helplessly Hoping

Helplessly Hoping
(My apologies to Crosby Stills, Nash and Young for killing their fine lyrics.) see: htt://

Helplessly hoping, her harlequin hovers, nearby
Awaiting a word.

Wordlessly watching he waits by the window and wonders
at the empty place inside

Love isn't lying its loose in a lady who lingers, saying
She's in pai-in
And choking from the cramps.

Every month passes, the same set of pains,
Endless torture tearing out insides.

Useless remnants of when we were younger, still linger
Causing us this pain.

Heartlessly helping himself to her bad dreams he wonders
Is there anything else I can do?

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sat 10-Feb-07: Shopping Revised

Shopping Revised

I no longer work in the supermarket
It's now a chore to go to shop.

But, like those who've worked in Stage or Screen
The blinders have been removed.

Now I see all the people who don't work for the store.
Yet toil, all day in a specific role.

The merchandisers, the vendors, the drivers.
The mechanics, the fixers, and the rest

All work in the same supermarket
Yet all have different bosses, to work for.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Fri 09-Feb-07: The Scout's Oath

The Scout's Oath

Oh, I live with a boy scout
I do declare, he's a scoutin' boy.

Scouting is a big deal.
He wheels and deals.

He tries to be in charge.
And charges all authority.

And sometimes, he even stays on-topic.
He can be charming, and so; dis-arming.

But when he yells, it's not so swell.
Loud, annoying, and always a challenge.

Except for the occasional snuggle
Or the lovingly given head-butt and kiss.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thu 08-Feb-07: Better Living through Chemistry

Better Living through Chemistry

My family's motto is old and yet noble.
Developed as a commercial in the 1960's.

A jingle, an ad, your future will be better.
Little did they know how much more would be said.

It seems a bit ironic, a health food family,
Has deep rooted clinical depression

It comes from our parents' genes.
Innocent we were thru childhood.

But now we know, what it means.
We help, and medicate our children,

Us too, we take the meds all,
Between us all, we support the chemist.

Whether tis good, or just ignorant,
We want the best for our kids.

Ten years now, since we found out,
Needed meds, did we all.

Chemical dependence sucks too, big time.
But without the meds, life sucks even more!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wed 07-Feb-07 Lament of the father.

Lament of the father.

Woe is I, parent of a tween.
Older then teen, yet not quite alone.
Who thankfully, (phew!) stays away in school too.

And shades of my parents, to me does she talk?
Not on your life, could she say more then ten words altogether.
Nor my wife, most 'o the time, to her does she either.

But sages have told me that this too, will pass,
And one day, dear daughter will again speak to us.
How long? Who knows, it seems way too long already.

But one day we'll be ready. It's never too early.
To plan one's revenge, we'll tell her already.
When the stork visits her, we'll no longer be parents.

To Grandparents everywhere, I dedicate this poem
Your children's pains, you have your revenge.
So watch out, my daughter, we're waiting for you!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tue 06-Feb-07: Outlandish Affection

Outlandish Affection

That was sweet. Oh, it's you. You're a cat,
You're not supposed to rub against me like that.

On my stomach? With a paw, wrong person here.
Shouldn't you be on top of her, and not over here?

Swat my arm? You will pay. Don't do that I say.
Purring like a whistle, so loud it's disturbing.

You've gotta stop swatting, Your claws need some trimming.
You're fatter then Garfield, and not as amusing.

It's time to go out of my room for the night.
We throw you out, cause you scratch, and start a fight.

And in the morning all is well, when you run under foot
From the bedroom, to the kitchen, looking for more food.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Mon 05-Feb-07: Strangers in the night

Strangers in the night

Bump, thump, Ouch.
Oh, I'm sorry. Was that your nose?
My toe aches, are you black and blue?

I guess we're out of sync, today.
It'd be easier if we could just plug a cable in to re-sync ourselves.

But, that won't work, in the end, We're just human.
Best to cuddle, and snuggle tonight,
Tomorrow is another day!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sun 04-Feb-07: Men are PIGS

Some minor alterations

Pigs. Men BOYS are pigs.

But first, George Harrison/Beatles, 1968, White Album
(http: //
Have you seen the little piggies
Crawling in the dirt
And for all those little piggies
Life is getting worse
Always having dirt to play around in.

Have you seen the bigger piggies
In their starched white shirts
You will find the bigger piggies
Stirring up the dirt
Always have clean shirts to play around in.

In their styes with all their backing
They don't care what goes on around
In their eyes there's something lacking
What they need's a damn good whacking.

Everywhere there's lots of piggies
Living piggy lives
You can see them out for dinner
With their piggy wives
Clutching forks and knives to eat their bacon.

End of George Harrison's Lyrics:
I feel a poem ERUPTING!

... or is this really a SONG???

Remember this is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License.


Have you seen the little piggies
Crawling in the dirt?
Boys and Teens are mostly piggies
scrunched up in their white bvd's.

Boys and teens are always dreaming
where can they put their dirt.
Boys keep trying, till they 'dying
Wanting it to work.

And for all those little piggies
Life is getting worse.
Always looking for a girl to score with.

Some little piggies are real bastards
Lying in their dirt.
These little piggies try to pressure
Girls to lift their shirts.
In their little lives to score a Home Run with.

Sometimes boys are just big assholes
stupid to the end.
Not even caring what they're doing
To a so called friend.

What they need's a damn good whacking.

Every Girl should tell her "boy"friend
Don't try and pressure me.
IF you like me, better hang here
And try and let me see.

I won't stand this piggie acting
From you I expected more.
You are piggish and that's vicious
You're nothing but a bore.

How dare you grope me, seeking action
Do you think that I'm just a whore?

Yes I liked you, now despise you
loathe's too nice a word.

I had hoped that you were different
Sad to know tis not true.
You will lie there in your pigsty
Thrashing like a bum.

Piggy boys live Piggy lives
Won't get far in life.

Get it through you piggy head now
Girls want more then sex.
Girls want caring, loving, funning
More to talk to you.

They don’t want to drop their pants now
Just to please your balls.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sat Feb-03-07: Bonding


Males and Females are Different
They Bond differently.
I wonder if anyone else has ever noticed the differences.

Girls Bond by talking, sitting together,
perhaps knitting together, and of course having a beverage.

Boys talk while watching a Game on TV, with a Beer in their hand.
They are usually silent, except for a AUGH, or a GO!GO!GO when their team scores

How do boys bond with Girls?
No...Besides sex.
Boys would like it if they could just bond like they do with their buddies.
Girls would like it if they could just bond like they do with THEIR buddies.

Live is too complicated..

Boys want beer and sitting together.

Boys like BEER.

Boys just want to GRUNT at the TV.
Girls just want to TALK.

How do you suggest bridging the gap?
Taking the Girl to a Sports Bar?
Teaching the Boy to knit?

Friday, February 02, 2007

Fri 02-Feb-07: Snow Blows

Snow Blows

Snow Blows.
To those who are in the Sun Belt
You just don't know.

Snow is simply wet rain.
Wet rain that piles up and up.

And your kids, stay home, do you too?
Your boss expects you, so what do you do??

Ahh, Last Minute Vacation Time, How Sweet
It doesn’t help, but at least you'll get paid to eat.

Our Society doesn’t value the family.
Today's poll shows us that this much we knew.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thu 01-Feb-07: Friendship


What is a friend?
Or, better yet, WHO is a friend?

Is it someone you talk to every day?
Is it someone that you speak to every ten years?

How do you figure out the difference,
between a friend and an acquaintance?

What do you do if you find out that you don't have any?
Do you go on a friend acquisition program?

How long will it take for that acquired acquaintance
to become a true friend?

I have one special friend.
I don’t need more.

I am also grateful that I was wise enough
to marry that friend!

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wed 31-Jan-07:Love/Hate


I am in a special relationship.
I'm in Love. I'm in Hate: I'm in denial.

At times, I sigh, so contented.
Othertimes, I simply feel mutilated and bent-in.

In Bed, I'm ecstatic.
At the desk, I'm unimpressed.

It feels funny, moving my digit on the surface.
I'm so used to moving my finger in a circle.

But I guess I will get used to the touchpad.
Instead of the finger-wheel I used to have.

Oh. My. I was talking about my laptop.
I hate it on the desk. It's so impersonal.
I love it on my lap, in bed, it's such a nice warm comfy place to write…

And don't go calling MY mind dirty!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tue 30-Jan-07 Troops


It's time we fix our army.
We have too few people for "KP"
We have no one driving,
Rather, we have corporate mercenaries

Why are there one hundred fifty thousand contractors in Iraq?
Is our army way too stupid?
Interesting. The previous few Secretary's of Defense have ALL
Managed to profit from this contractor army

It's time to expand the Draft
It's time to have Halliburton Stash the Ca$h.
Its time for fish for privates to fry

It's time to remove this corporate Graft
Its time to reclaim our integrity.
Its time to raise the salaries.
Its time to expand the Ar-my

Monday, January 29, 2007

Mon. 29-Jan-07: Jobs, and me

Jobs, and me

I've been a pauper, a puppet, a candle maker,
A balloon decorator, computer doctor, paper pusher,
A Photographer, Web Site Designer, Coffee Geek/Barista

I've been employed by small companies, large companies, by myself, for myself, and for other contractors.

I think I discovered a new career
In a bakery. Amazing you say?
Well, supermarkets do bake stuff. Or do they?
Their own goods? Maybe we should say pretend to bake stuff.

Parbaking. Take it out of the freezer, and bake the last five minutes in your oven. Just as good as fresh..

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sun. 28-Jan-07: Random Wars

Random Wars

If I only had a brain,
Said the commander in Chief to his boss, the Veep;
I could understand why this war ain't going so great.

Don't worry your big little head, said Dick to Double-ya;
We've gone over this hundreds of times before.
You came to office to make Sadaam Pay for diss'ing your daddy.

Well, it seems my approval's way down now.
But that's because we haven’t shown them the oil;
That's when you'll be number the one son.

But wont they be mad we’ll be there forever?
No not forever, just sixty or seventy years.
Not even a hundred years wars will be…

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sat. 27-Jan-07: PC's Vs. Children (reprise)

Sat. 27 Jan 07 PC's Vs. Children (reprise)

If pitted against one another, which would win?
The computer, if it had arms, could easily pin
the child. But since it seems that the child will win
solely on its appendages, perhaps we should employ another test.

If we were to pit the CPU vs. the brain, which one would win?
The Human can multi-task, but the CPU does it better.
One with ADHD can multi-task almost as well as the CPU…
But the human's RAM storage is much more intense

Humans have a terrible time
when they are told to learn the times table.
Computers have it easier, since they only have to add several times.

Decision? A tie.
Humans have the advantage, but computers are smarter.
Oh, and Computers make fewer typing misteaks then humans!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Fri. 26 Jan 07: alone again

alone again
'Tis a weird weird feeling
Lying here all alone.

After weeks and weeks of working Nights,
The Job is over, and I'm back at home

But after a full night together in the PC room
I've crawled back here to my bed (and laptop) all alone.

Escape is futile, yet peace so nice
Will I ever be able to face life again?

Only time will tell

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thu. 25 Jan 07: Access Points Vs. Sex (Clean)

Wireless Internet comes in two different versions, just like sex.
Protected, safe protected wireless, similar to sex using a condom.
Both are safer, and less likely to give you diseases, or infections

Open (unencrypted) wireless access lets others use your internet too.
But, like sex without a condom, your PC might get infected, or your passwords COULD be stolen from you.

Which is better? Safety is always better.
In sex, computers, and life, safety should be your number one concern.
Boring but true.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wed. 24-Jan-07: Disconnected


Amazing for a High Tech person.
Totally disconnected from the outside world.
No Internet, either wired or wireless.

Forced to use a Public Library to get my mail.
How humbling for a High-tech Road Warrior.
No leaky unprotected access points.
No place to plug a cable in either.

And yet, once online, using Internet Explorer is like pulling teeth.
Once you use Firefox, you will be spoiled for life.
Firefox doesn’t require giving up your first born child.
And surfing online doesn’t have to be so painful

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tue. 23-Jan 07: Thin Skinned

Thin Skinned
Yes, I am thin skinned,
And short tempered.

What a terrible combination.
Easy to upset, and fast to yell.

Some people are just wired that way.
Me? I just try to "count to cool"

Knowing that you're prone to hysterics and histrionics,
Trying to pause and breathe before speaking is a plus.

Yet, even knowing, it's still hard to tell
If I can remember, "The golden Rule".

Monday, January 22, 2007

Mon. 22-Jan-07: Thank You

Thank You

I'll admit the truth.
I have poor manners.
I just wish I had listened
When my mom told me so, all those years ago.

Never sent a thank you card
Never wrote a formal note.
Was always way too hard.
Now, paybacks, make me unable to cope.

But, I wrote this poem for you today
To say, thank you for all you've done for me.
It hasn't gotten easier to write,
But I just needed to say it to you tonight.

Thanks AGAIN!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sun. 21 Jan 07: Love reflecting in My Eyes

Love reflecting in My Eyes
Ah.. Faith Hill.

(her actual lyrics are here:

If I could grant
You one wish
I'd wish you could see the way you kiss
Ooh, I love watching you

Ooh, I love the way you touch me
Ooh, I love the way you make me sigh.
I can't tell you enough how much I love you

It's been a long long time
And you still you make my heart go thump
Just needed to tell you in words, you'll always be mine!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sat. 20 Jan 07: WayBack


I remember a time, far far away, in a land long ago
She and me; walked down in the park.
Hand in hand, Arm in Arm.

And then we found a tree, surrounded by bushes.
And we embraced.
And I discovered how painful braces could be.

And we walked, and we talked.
And muttered how good it was.
And we thought we would always be.

Well fast forward, and we "isn't"
But that moment, still remains.
Not as nice, but still the same.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Fri. 19 Jan 07: Tech Hurts

Tech Hurts

Forget about Love, Tech Hurts.
Tech Hurts your wallet.
Tech Hurts your house.
Tech hurts your relationships

How to survive?
Fight Back.
Kill your cable service.
Remove all the Game controllers
Remove all Computers
Remove All Remote controls

Go Low tech.
Go to the nearest hotel, and rent a Jacuzzi suite.
Remove the remote control from the TV.
Add bubble bath and open one bottle of white (or red) wine.

Take Spouse, tie blindfold on said Spouse
Take a necktie, and tie around his hands.
Lead the prisoner to your car, and take him to your suite.

And Stop Whining, and remember why we became one.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thu. 18 Jan 07: Day Tripper

Day Tripper
A night worker toils the inverse of nine to five
Works all night, and sleeps all day.

A Road Warrior lives out of an open suitcase, and a hotel room
Compared to a commuter, whose car is their main room.

Day Trippers are those who travel and work in the light.
And at night, get to go schluffy, all cozy and tight.

Night workers don't get to see the sun at work
Yet, why do all hotel workers call them perverts?

Asking for a day rate does not mean
They'll be bringing a friend into the room with them

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wed. 17-Jan 07 Smiles.

An old friend calls.
Got some time to walk to the mall?

Sure. It'd be good to spend time together.
What's the mood, Happy or Blue?

Happy is good. Sharing is sweet.
Blue is cold, but friends bring out the gold.

Either way, it's good to see your smiling face.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Mon. 15-Jan-07: Blasted Traffic

Blasted Traffic

Peace lasts from childhood until age 16
Our society's disease hits 98% of our population once they turn 16.
Cars. Driving. Traffic. Accidents. Insurance.

These are all of headaches are made.
Not one grown up can think of any of these without one of their
Veins bulging in their head.

Money, Time, health,. These things are all affected by traffic and cars.
Can we beat it?
Not in our lifetime…

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sun. 14-Jan-07: Alone

Alone is Always difficult
One, is the loneliest number.

Learning to love yourself is key
Understanding how to be alone is crucial.
Not despising yourself when alone is good.

Until you are alone, and understand yourself
You aren't able to understand, and then become one with another.
And two, can be as sweet, as one is lonely…

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sat 13 –Jan 07: Redemption


After generations of being forgotten,
Along comes a regular guy.
A guy who happens to wander in the desert
And discover he has been set apart, and destined for big things.

Funny thing, is this guy is ALREADY old.
Old past even our standards; He's Eighty
And yet, he's told he IS the one,
Despite his attempting to weasel out of the task.

So what does this show us?
One: You're never too old.
Two: You're never too powerless to complete the task.
Three: Even if your name isn't Moses, you're here on Earth for a task,
It may take your entire life to discover what the task was, but that's OKAY too!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Fri. 01-12-07: Quiet Moment

Quiet Moment

In a quiet moment, I ponder
What have I accomplished, what have I left?

A pile of dough? Sigh, simply not so.
A notable opus? Or, a visual masterpiece perhaps?

A legacy of service? A notable past?
No, I'm afraid not. Mostly stuff I'd not want to rehash.

Sliding through life, happy as a clam
I have managed to avoid TV, as close as it is to SPAM™

Words have been helpful
Words have been passed.

Perhaps only this may be my answer.
May I be able to leave something meaningful to thee.

I've been blessed, with a best friend that I've also loved.
But I've been neglectful of my kids, this I too, know.

But, looking, What do I see?
A beauty, as shy and withdrawn as me.

And a tough one, hard as nails
On the outside is he.

To her, I'd say,
"Forgive me for molding you in such a painful way"

My fits and starts caused you to simply turn off
Despite occasionally getting past the froth.

If I could, I’d tell you it can be better.
Simply breathe deep, and then just count to three.

To my son I'd say,
Violence is never the way.

Threats can often seem to be fun
However, others do not enjoy being under the gun.

Harvard is not easy, but might still get done.
And you might find that working might actually be fun.

Reading is just the start.
You won't believe the treasures you'll find, once you open your heart.

I wish I could leave you a completed Business Plan
But, then that would mean all's complete.

And we know that our road has never been easy
Nor has it been all glass, but a mix, just like diamonds and rust.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

B52's - monster

As Discussed, the B-52's "Monster in my Pants"

B52's monster

Thursday January 11th, 2007: "In the dark"

Thursday January 11th, 2007: "In the Dark"

While you lay in the dark
I was sweating, thinking about you.

While I was laying in bed,
I was sweating, while thinking about us.

While you were lying in your bed
I was dreaming of your skin.

While I was laying awake in bed
I was licking your earlobe.

And then, I woke up in bed
And discovered that I was lying next to you

And then, I buried my head deep inside you
And sighed

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wednesday January 10th, 2007: Singing in the Rain-while I work--UPDATED

Singing in the Rain while I work

STOP: When this starts, go back and read the WORDS below, with the music!

Thanks to a reader for REAL link to video!

Oh, I work all alone.
So, when I fire up my laptop
With all my mp3's
I may wind up singing along.

Imagine my surprise
When along came a set of eyes
Saying, "hey, how're you doing?"
Oh, I heard you singing.

Oh what an 80's man.
Listening and Singing (along) to an acapella version of
The B-52's Love-Shack

News flash
We interrupt this poem for a NEW video, the CORRECT one this time!

B52s love shack no autoplay

Or see Here for An alternate, funny "Love shack" video

If you see a painted sign at the side of the road
That says 15 miles to the love shack, yeah yeah ,
love shackkkkk, babbbbyyy.
I'm heading down the Atlanta Highway.

Looking for the love getaway,
Headed for the love getaway.

I got me a Car, it's as big as a whale
And we're headed on down to the love shack.
I Got me a Chrysler, seats about 20
So HURRY UP, and bring your Juke box MONEY

THE LOVE shack is a little old place
where we can get together,

Love Shack, Baby

Love Shack, Baby
Love Shack, Baby
Love Shack, Baby, Love Shack
Love Shack, Baby, Love Shack
Love Shack, Baby, Love Shack

The SIGN Says, "Stay away Fools",
'cause love rules, at the Love Shack

We'll set that out in the middle of a Tin roof rusted.
Just a funky old shack and I gotta get back there
Glitter on a mattress
[G]litter on the Highway ** Litter ....
[G]litter on the Front Porch ** Litter ....
[G]litter on the Highway ** Litter ....

THE LOVE shack is a little old place
where we can get together,

Love Shack, Baby
Love Shack, Baby
Love Shack, Baby
That's where it's at
Love Shack, Baby

Hugging and kissing,
Dancin and a loving
Wearing next to nothin'
because it's hotter than
** Update
Is hard as nothing

The Whole shack shimmies
When everybody's moving
Around and around and
Around and around

Everybody's moving
Everybody's grooving, baby

Folks lining up outside
Just to get down

Everybody's moving
Everybody's grooving, baby

Funky Little shack,
Funky Little shack,

Hop in my Chrysler
It's as big as a whale
And it's about to set sail!

I got me a Car, it seats about 20
So C'mon, and bring your Juke box MONEY

THE LOVE shack is a little old place
where we can get together,

Love Shack, Baby
Love Shack, Baby
Love Shack, Baby
That's where it's at
Love Shack, Baby

Love Shack, Baby, Love Shack
Love Shack, Baby, Love Shack

Bang bang bang, on the door, baby
Bang bang bang, on the door, baby

You're what?

Love Shack, Baby
Love Shack, Baby
Love Shack, Baby
That's where it's at
Love Shack, Baby

And while we're talking about the B-52's
We'll just talk about the song currently playing
"There's a monster in my pants"
Hee Hee, and I quote!!!

(take that you naughty monster!)

You can google the lyrics yourself

Alternate Love-shack video : Here:

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tuesday January 9th, 2007: Away from home

Away from home

Away from home, all alone
Left with no one to talk to
Sitting here by the phone.

It's crazy timing, working alone at night
Without you to chat and spat with
Or to even to whisper, "I love you" to.

It's amazing to see
How easy we can just "be"
Rather then be a "we".

Throughout all our years
You've held me thru many falls
And kept me close, thru many tears.

It's strange, that now
It's almost the first time
In a score and a half we've been apart.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Monday January 8th, 2007: Violent Love

Violent Love

Must have been something in our drinks
I didn't really notice it was there.

Something just made me long for your kiss
And I really don't remember going under the chair.

Something made me smile
While I was watching you, awhile.

And then, we both embraced
And quickly left that place.

We barely made it home
Lucky, we were all alone

No pets, no distractions
Only ourselves, entwined.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday January 7th, 2007: Kiss and Tell

Kiss and Tell

It must have happened while my eyes were closed
I felt your lips on mine.
I never knew that lips could be so sweet.

I didn't ask to kiss you.
But, you took advantage of me.
And what an advantage you gave me.

With my eyes closed, I feel your breath
Nuzzling against my cheek
And I know, this will last.

Now, do I tell my friends?
Or should we just keep this little
Secret to ourselves.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Saturday January 6th, 2007: Excitement


Now it's time for some excrement
Let's go to the doghouse.

Why do I need to go to the doghouse?
What did I do now?

You need to ask?
OK, BOY. Here it goes

You weren't paying attention
And now you have to pay.

This is your excitement for the day
Sit and STAY!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Friday, January 5th, 2007: Last Minute

Last Minute

It's not time yet.
The store closes at 11:00 PM.
It's only 10:40 PM.

That leaves us twenty minutes
Twenty minutes to get out of the car
Go in the supermarket
Pull down a carton of chips,
A case of soda

Get out
And make the cashier wait.
Why Not!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday, January 4th, 2007: Equal Fixes

Equal Fixes

It seems that all machines conspire.
To make one's life much harder.

For when you need a driver
You rarely have the time
To go online, and find the rhyme that
Starts the downloads' time.

Why are all these machines
Looking at me?
Why are they all smiling and laughing?

Could it be?
They know something we don’t?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007: Snow

And we'll chant snow, snow, snow
Till El-nino laughs and gives us more heat.

It's already the third day of the New Year,
And the weatherman says we'll be at 58 through next weekend

It’s time to ask what happened to our winter.
After all, we're not in Southern California.

The Northeast is supposed to have lots of snow and Ice now.
But Syracuse still has less than three inches of ice there.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007: School Bites

School Bites

Work Bites.
School Rocks.

School is wasted on 'young-uns.
Work would be a better way for them to learn.

Kids—Ask the Closest Adult (but NOT your parent)
What they would give to be able to attend YOUR school now.

Besides, you'd likely enjoy going to work instead of me.
No, Really!

I’ll go to school for you for the rest of the year
And you can go into my office for me you see.

And then, you'll see why I say
School Rocks, and Work Bites.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Monday January 1st,2007: Babies

Babies are cute.
New Years aren't.

Babies take three to six months to move.
Baby new year moves light lightening.

One good thing about baby New year.
When it's over, it doesn’t sit there looking at you.
Like your brain impaired teen-ager.

Love Shack Chicks

This is an alternate video of love shack, discussed on 1/11 post,, see that for more info!

Just some Georgia College Girls with to much time on their hands. LOVE SHACK....BABY!!!!

Alternate yet funny