Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tue 24-Apr-07: Opera Trio (Limerick 8)

Opera Trio (Limerick 8)

Opera to me was always boring
'cause words so foreign made me be snoring.
Until at last I finally heard
Opera in English, lyrics quite absurd
Yet absorbing and not be abhorrent

Gilbert and Sullivan composers of your
Made Opera for me not be a bore
HMS Pinafore is a funny delight
Witty and charming it's sung just so right
And the Navy's plights just make it soar.

To my wife opera's simply a chore
Said she to me, "It just makes me snore"
Said I to she, "It's simply romantic"
She disagreed, saying it makes her frantic
'cause the soprano sounds like it's just been gored

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