Monday, April 09, 2007

Mon 09-Apr-07: Paul the Banker

Paul the Banker

Who you gonna call?
Paul the banker, Paul the banker
It's that HOT one, he Paul the banker

Paul de banker, da money man can
Give you a 50% raise, if you can "do" him
And are not a man!

He play poopie with our money
And give da money for nada, to his Goilfriend
And she do him, again, and again, and again

But Paul, da bankers are mad-mad
'cause Paul-da-banker does goilfriend
And Paul-da-banker gonna go, go, gone-soon!

And Bush, his MBA friend gonna go too
Oh No, say So, Paul de former banker!

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Malissa said...

hey hun

keep checkin my blog, im tryin to get more stuff to post on it

sorry i havent been postin stuff lately, ive been grounded