Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sun 08-Apr-07: Limerick 5 (Alberto's Trio!)

Limerick 5 (six and seven too!) Alberto's Trio!

Alberto, he be da boss of dey eight
But he say, I no know why dey so late.
Da President, he my man
Dat's why the eight was canned.
But wait, I don't know why I showed them the gate.

And to the congress, Alberto said:

I be sorry, I not so clear
You demanded me, so I am here
I did no wrong in canning the eight
Even though I have no idea why I showed them the gate
I only represent one man, he my dear!

Bushkie, he be my man.
So what, he got no plan…
He told me da eight no good.
So, I told them, Get back to the 'hood
What? I be chief law man for country? Damn!

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