Sunday, January 11, 2009

A new Poem, from 2007

I never Posted ALL of my poems here, because I was told it was the equivalent of publishing them.

Here's a really important one, I just found...

This was (I think) the starting point of when I officially put together the "credo" about why we need a second new deal...

Start a Revolution, (to the tune of the Beatles -- Revolution)

Start a Revolution (to the tune of the Beatles' Revolution)
You say you want a revolution? Well, you know,
We just need to change OUR world.

It's time for a health care solution
for all of us here, no matter who you are...

If you say no Government Program
is the Amerikan way
Then that just shows you're out of touch
Then you're just out of touch with society
And you don't know why society hurts.

Talk about a new solution, well start it low,
we need our kids taught how to grow.
Teachers as part of the solution, and then you know,
day care for all helps them grow.

A new plan to help our country
three years of time
it will help rebuild our country
time spent to grow and go.

This time of learning and teaching
will rebuild our destroyed country.
It will help and employ
and teach everyone.

Now you know we need a living wage
the Minimum's just way too small
And quit your griping it's too much to pay
Inflation hurts us all.

We need a new 100 day plan
just like FDR's new deal
It's one easy at once shock,
It's designed to help us out of our problems
and educate us all!