Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sat 14-Apr-07: Time to Go

Time to Go

Alberto, hurry up or we'll be late
Fer Christ's sakes, what's the rush?
Well, Amigo, this is the list flight off the planet
If we miss it, our goose is cooked, said Bushki.

The UN has issued, you see a Global APB
To detain and arraign us
In a prison of our choosing
And I think it's either Abu-Grave, or gitmo-Bay

I prefer Abu-Grave, said Donny Rumsfeld
At least our GI's weren't too intense.
Ahem, Carl Rove said, I think we tortured there too
So, boss, where do you prefer to get screwed.

Umnh, Carl, I thought I gave this to you.
Why is it coming back in my face?
Boss, it's time you knew the truth
We lost the war, the congress, and the country too!

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