Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sun 15-Apr-07: Da Man ,Donny

Da Man ,Donny

Donald Rumsfeld, he the man.
Ran our country into the garbage can.
He listened to Wolfowitz and 'then
Pushed our troops into a powder-keg and "bloomie".

Mashed, remains of US Army all around.
He vetoed the generals when they wanted half a million on the ground.
He didn't plan for after the war, what then?
And he didn’t resign for four years after doing this, WHEN?

Donny Rumsfeld, he cut our forces
And privatized the lot
Following Dick Cheney's orders, of course
And contracted with Halliburton for top dollars

Burn in Hell, Donny Rumsfeld
Or better yet, just roast in Gitmo Baya
And enjoy the delights of Water-boarding
And wish you hadn't violated the Geneva accords.

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