Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sun 22-Apr-07: Commercials (includes Limerick 7)

Commercials (includes Limerick 7)

My kids grew up without commercials
Because we watched PBS.
But still PBS has ads between their shows
We simply mute it, and talk about
Why commercials are so, so bad.

Our country's gone to pot,
Intelligence in the nation is simply shot.
Watching TV and ads just dulls your mind
Until a smart mind you can no longer find
The average consumer's mind is just shot.

So give up those commercials
TIVO through them so you don't get bored
And cause your children to become consumer whores
Abstinence is the word for the day
It's a way you too can play that way!


Rax said...

good write. thought-evoking yet light. a good dose of food for thought :)

fifi said...

I guess PBS is the equivalent of our ABC, which is commercial free.

My kids are consumer whores. we don't even watch tv much, well I don't at all and they arent allowed to, much, but capitalism is an all pervasive force and i feel powerless to stop it.
Anyways, nice verse.