Friday, January 12, 2007

Fri. 01-12-07: Quiet Moment

Quiet Moment

In a quiet moment, I ponder
What have I accomplished, what have I left?

A pile of dough? Sigh, simply not so.
A notable opus? Or, a visual masterpiece perhaps?

A legacy of service? A notable past?
No, I'm afraid not. Mostly stuff I'd not want to rehash.

Sliding through life, happy as a clam
I have managed to avoid TV, as close as it is to SPAM™

Words have been helpful
Words have been passed.

Perhaps only this may be my answer.
May I be able to leave something meaningful to thee.

I've been blessed, with a best friend that I've also loved.
But I've been neglectful of my kids, this I too, know.

But, looking, What do I see?
A beauty, as shy and withdrawn as me.

And a tough one, hard as nails
On the outside is he.

To her, I'd say,
"Forgive me for molding you in such a painful way"

My fits and starts caused you to simply turn off
Despite occasionally getting past the froth.

If I could, I’d tell you it can be better.
Simply breathe deep, and then just count to three.

To my son I'd say,
Violence is never the way.

Threats can often seem to be fun
However, others do not enjoy being under the gun.

Harvard is not easy, but might still get done.
And you might find that working might actually be fun.

Reading is just the start.
You won't believe the treasures you'll find, once you open your heart.

I wish I could leave you a completed Business Plan
But, then that would mean all's complete.

And we know that our road has never been easy
Nor has it been all glass, but a mix, just like diamonds and rust.

1 comment:

Malissa said... me, thats like REALLY deep...

reading this poem makes me think of all the family problems ive had

EXAMPLE: "To my son I'd say,
Violence is never the way."
-id wish someone would tell my dad that...cuz, well, long story...


this is a REALLY COOL poem...good job mark!