Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sat. 27-Jan-07: PC's Vs. Children (reprise)

Sat. 27 Jan 07 PC's Vs. Children (reprise)

If pitted against one another, which would win?
The computer, if it had arms, could easily pin
the child. But since it seems that the child will win
solely on its appendages, perhaps we should employ another test.

If we were to pit the CPU vs. the brain, which one would win?
The Human can multi-task, but the CPU does it better.
One with ADHD can multi-task almost as well as the CPU…
But the human's RAM storage is much more intense

Humans have a terrible time
when they are told to learn the times table.
Computers have it easier, since they only have to add several times.

Decision? A tie.
Humans have the advantage, but computers are smarter.
Oh, and Computers make fewer typing misteaks then humans!


Malissa said...

im a great muti-tasker! but i dont have ADHD, i have ADD...

but i think that your poem has some very interesting and great pionts.

srivani said...

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