Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wed 31-Jan-07:Love/Hate


I am in a special relationship.
I'm in Love. I'm in Hate: I'm in denial.

At times, I sigh, so contented.
Othertimes, I simply feel mutilated and bent-in.

In Bed, I'm ecstatic.
At the desk, I'm unimpressed.

It feels funny, moving my digit on the surface.
I'm so used to moving my finger in a circle.

But I guess I will get used to the touchpad.
Instead of the finger-wheel I used to have.

Oh. My. I was talking about my laptop.
I hate it on the desk. It's so impersonal.
I love it on my lap, in bed, it's such a nice warm comfy place to write…

And don't go calling MY mind dirty!

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