Monday, January 08, 2007

Monday January 8th, 2007: Violent Love

Violent Love

Must have been something in our drinks
I didn't really notice it was there.

Something just made me long for your kiss
And I really don't remember going under the chair.

Something made me smile
While I was watching you, awhile.

And then, we both embraced
And quickly left that place.

We barely made it home
Lucky, we were all alone

No pets, no distractions
Only ourselves, entwined.


Malissa said...

is it me, or are these last few poems all about love????
i wonder wuts going on in your life right now!

Markbnj said...

Well, as the poem on tues, 1/10 says,
I've been on the road working, for almost the first time in 30 years.
(nah, make that 20 years...)

and I "wuv my bebe"

it gets weird.

are your mom and dad still together?
if so, go over to them and give them both a kiss.

If not, they Still both need love!zwmj