Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tuesday January 9th, 2007: Away from home

Away from home

Away from home, all alone
Left with no one to talk to
Sitting here by the phone.

It's crazy timing, working alone at night
Without you to chat and spat with
Or to even to whisper, "I love you" to.

It's amazing to see
How easy we can just "be"
Rather then be a "we".

Throughout all our years
You've held me thru many falls
And kept me close, thru many tears.

It's strange, that now
It's almost the first time
In a score and a half we've been apart.


Malissa said...

its so sad that you have to be at work rather than be with the one you love and ador!
i must say, that i know exactly how you feel...

anyway...great poem!

me said...

I say great poem too! Brought tears to my eyes -- I need you to come back home and dry them - and then make me cry more (tears of happiness). I LOVE YOU BABY!

Markbnj said...

Hi "ME". Do I know you? (jk).
My better half.

Yes, I will be happy to lick the tears off your cheeks, and make sure your earlobe is clean (whilst I think of it...)


Anonymous said...

Hhhhhhh! That makes me go all gooey and squishy inside. Really sweet! I love it.