Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thu 01-Feb-07: Friendship


What is a friend?
Or, better yet, WHO is a friend?

Is it someone you talk to every day?
Is it someone that you speak to every ten years?

How do you figure out the difference,
between a friend and an acquaintance?

What do you do if you find out that you don't have any?
Do you go on a friend acquisition program?

How long will it take for that acquired acquaintance
to become a true friend?

I have one special friend.
I don’t need more.

I am also grateful that I was wise enough
to marry that friend!


Malissa said...

good for you! (i dont mean that in a sarcastic way)

it sounds like to me that your love life is going great!!!

:-)!!!!!!!!!!! im happy for ya!!!

cheryl said...

An acquaintance is someone you know and maybe hang out with for some fun. A friend is someone you can trust and who you can COUNT ON -- who is willing to make personal sacrifices during your time of need. Also someone who isn't afraid of telling you the truth, even if it may hurt your feelings but help you avoid embarrassment.

When love and friendship go hand in hand, then having a good "love life" doesn't have to mean having frequent sex.