Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wed 07-Feb-07 Lament of the father.

Lament of the father.

Woe is I, parent of a tween.
Older then teen, yet not quite alone.
Who thankfully, (phew!) stays away in school too.

And shades of my parents, to me does she talk?
Not on your life, could she say more then ten words altogether.
Nor my wife, most 'o the time, to her does she either.

But sages have told me that this too, will pass,
And one day, dear daughter will again speak to us.
How long? Who knows, it seems way too long already.

But one day we'll be ready. It's never too early.
To plan one's revenge, we'll tell her already.
When the stork visits her, we'll no longer be parents.

To Grandparents everywhere, I dedicate this poem
Your children's pains, you have your revenge.
So watch out, my daughter, we're waiting for you!


Anonymous said...

LOL, Mark - I can sooooooo relate: we have 4: 19,14,12, we get to experience the full spectrum of hormones, slamming doors, not speaking.......whenever I give them a task to do, whining......I explain that this is my revenge on my parents - payback time........they'll get their own chance in due time..........

Markbnj said...

That was the girl, the boy comes later in the week...(scout's oath).
heee hee.. (they usually DON't read the blog!)