Friday, February 02, 2007

Fri 02-Feb-07: Snow Blows

Snow Blows

Snow Blows.
To those who are in the Sun Belt
You just don't know.

Snow is simply wet rain.
Wet rain that piles up and up.

And your kids, stay home, do you too?
Your boss expects you, so what do you do??

Ahh, Last Minute Vacation Time, How Sweet
It doesn’t help, but at least you'll get paid to eat.

Our Society doesn’t value the family.
Today's poll shows us that this much we knew.

1 comment:

Malissa said...

well...i know how you feel...ive lived in utah before and the snow piles REALLY high sometimes...
but i love the snow and winter time, i really do...
in utah, during the winter, the mountain view is just absolutely beautiful! i mean that it is totally amazing! an i love it when it snows cuz you get to go sledding on trash can tops (its is so much fun!) and have snow ball fights and build snow mans...yes, i love the snow...