Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sat Feb-03-07: Bonding


Males and Females are Different
They Bond differently.
I wonder if anyone else has ever noticed the differences.

Girls Bond by talking, sitting together,
perhaps knitting together, and of course having a beverage.

Boys talk while watching a Game on TV, with a Beer in their hand.
They are usually silent, except for a AUGH, or a GO!GO!GO when their team scores

How do boys bond with Girls?
No...Besides sex.
Boys would like it if they could just bond like they do with their buddies.
Girls would like it if they could just bond like they do with THEIR buddies.

Live is too complicated..

Boys want beer and sitting together.

Boys like BEER.

Boys just want to GRUNT at the TV.
Girls just want to TALK.

How do you suggest bridging the gap?
Taking the Girl to a Sports Bar?
Teaching the Boy to knit?


Malissa said...

who knits...i mean honestly mark! c'mon...who knits!!!

Anonymous said...

hi mark! thanks for stopping by red dirt girl's poetry and leaving a's good sometimes to realize I'm not the only one that fell from the alien ship onto this planet and need help to understand this species.......

didn't know where to start on your blogs, so I started here because I love poetry........and I like yours!! I'm going to link ya'up so I can visit easier......I'll nose around the other blogs too - eventually.....gotta get that required sleep or else I'll go MANIC!!!!!!!!! LOL

thanks friend, rdg