Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thu 08-Feb-07: Better Living through Chemistry

Better Living through Chemistry

My family's motto is old and yet noble.
Developed as a commercial in the 1960's.

A jingle, an ad, your future will be better.
Little did they know how much more would be said.

It seems a bit ironic, a health food family,
Has deep rooted clinical depression

It comes from our parents' genes.
Innocent we were thru childhood.

But now we know, what it means.
We help, and medicate our children,

Us too, we take the meds all,
Between us all, we support the chemist.

Whether tis good, or just ignorant,
We want the best for our kids.

Ten years now, since we found out,
Needed meds, did we all.

Chemical dependence sucks too, big time.
But without the meds, life sucks even more!


Anonymous said...

Amen! Amen! be stuck on meds for the rest of your life.......think about what our lives would have been like 50 years ago.......100 years ago.........(of course I would have been dead from childbirth from my first.......); institutionalized for certain......or that eccentric old aunt stuck up in the attic.......

Markbnj said...

Just to Clarify RDG:

I am VERY VERY happy to take my meds.

My quality of life is SO SO SO SO SO
(do you believe it yet?) MUCH better then before!

And We have a family friend, whose (now 22 yr old) stopped taking med's for a year when they hit 18.
He decided himself to go back on his meds, after he realized
* flunked out of school.
* screwed up his life with 3 diff girlfriends.
* almost got thrown out of the house for good.
* almost got arrested and thrown in jail (he got "medicine religion" after this part!)

And he's almost nice again..

In summary:
I (personally) vote for
Medicated till the day I die!

Markbnj said...

But, to talk about 50-100 years ago, there WERE a very small number of people, both men and women who as you said were considered (if female) "spinster" or if male, "eccentric", who were NOT locked away in institutions. Those were the lucky ones I guess. They had enough skills to cover up in the formative years, and only "spread their wings" later on in life.

I still choose meds... for me

Hee hee