Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sat 24-Feb-07: Junior doesn’t Know

Sat 24-Feb-07: Junior doesn’t Know

Junior doesn’t know how
The way out of his paper bag.

Junior thinks he is king.
And 'Dickey' is is vizier.

Junior keeps his head in the sand.
He just doesn’t know that the song is done.

Junior doesn’t see the handwriting on the wall
The ink that says yankee go away, but leave our ball!

Balls, Barrels, scads of oil
All destined by oil man Bush for the house of Saud.

His oil war has disgraced our country
His legacy will linger past his hour.

Our children, drafted will be
Despite his claims to the contrary.

A lifetime in Bagdad will we remember
To clean up from his disdain.

Impeach Cheney now
Veep Pelosi may show us how.

Then Bush too, must walk the plank
As his legacy has already sank.

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