Monday, February 26, 2007

Mon 26-Feb-07: College Calls

College Calls

Campus calls
The College Campus
A busy cacophony.

A guy with some books
Hunkered down in the library
Dazing and Dozing through stacks of fat factoids.

His brain cramped to the max
No more room for a datum
His grade will depend on what's left on the inside.

The girl walks on by
But he doesn’t even see her
Intense concentration has made him forget.

She sighs and comes back
For another trip round 'gain.
Her skirt, by her thighs, tight and dark brown.

Her lips, blue and bright
Just like her wide eyes
Start to open and emit a small sound.

He looks up, finally smiles and kisses her hello
Her eyes glimmer brightly, then a frown overtakes her.
Tomorrow, I promise, I'll be through, I promise you.

Slowly, she walks, back to her dorm room
Alone, for tonight, but not really alone.
Tomorrow, her honey, is done with the term.

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