Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tue 06-Feb-07: Outlandish Affection

Outlandish Affection

That was sweet. Oh, it's you. You're a cat,
You're not supposed to rub against me like that.

On my stomach? With a paw, wrong person here.
Shouldn't you be on top of her, and not over here?

Swat my arm? You will pay. Don't do that I say.
Purring like a whistle, so loud it's disturbing.

You've gotta stop swatting, Your claws need some trimming.
You're fatter then Garfield, and not as amusing.

It's time to go out of my room for the night.
We throw you out, cause you scratch, and start a fight.

And in the morning all is well, when you run under foot
From the bedroom, to the kitchen, looking for more food.

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