Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wed 02-May-07: Ode to Censor Bush

Ode to Censor Bush
George Bush Broke the Geneva convention
And let his minions water-board and torture.

But his buddies in the MPAA think it's OK
To censor free speech; To them I say:
09h: is the way we say Nine in base sixteen (hex; or h)
F9h: is a big number in Hex.
02h: is just a two in base sixteen; or the number of Bushes elected president!
9Dh: is not Ninty, but Nine-Dee
74h: is a number just under seventy-five
EBh: Could refer to electronic Boutique, but doesn’t!
5Bh: Five Bakers.
D8h: Did Eight Years HAVE to HAPPEN?
41h: To President 41, before the storm!
56h: Is the number of years we'll be in IRaQ
C5h: = 197 in base 10.
88h: is our President's IQ.
C0h: is what we have left over.

What do we get when you put them together? A DVD code, no?

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