Monday, May 07, 2007

Mon 07-May-07: Pin the Blame on theDonkey,Elephant

Pin the Blame on the Donkey,Elephant
Kids, take this tail, while we spin around
Back and forth, and up and down.
Let's examine George "W" Bush, # 43
And pin the blame on the ELEPHANT's tail.

Year 2000, Florida voting scandal
Supreme court denies, but next year, it lied.
Year 2001, Advance 9-11 warnings ignored.
War one, Afganistan, simply aborted.

Year 2004, Ohio voting scandal
Repubs stole election site that nite!
Bush case for WMD's,
just lies if you please.

It's time to pin the blame on Bush
No planning, no Thought, big bucks, and a, "HUH?"
Stop the Bush, Stop Cheney
And restore our democracy!

Wolfowitz plots and planned for war
But forgot to plan on leaving or going home.
Alberto decides water-boarding isn't torture
And gets kicked upstairs, as chief law man.

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