Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tue 15-May-07: Paul Bremmer A Limerick (OEDILF)

Paul Bremmer: Limerick #16(OEDILF)

Paul Bremmer a Neo-con in DC,
Whose war script was done to a Tee.
The plans caused great strife
And a huge loss of life.
Yet a presidential medal has he.

Here is the link to the ACCEPTED/Published version in the
Omnificent English Dictionany in Limerick form (OEDILF)

Bremer, L. Paul by markbnj

Paul Bremer, a Neo-Con guy,

Said "War-making is easy as pie!"

His plans caused great strife,

And a huge loss of life —

And a medal from Bush crowns the lie.

L. Paul Bremer, before becoming the chief administrator of the Interim Governing Authority, in Iraq, helped to write the major part of the US invasion plan of Iraq, giving him the dubious distinction of both causing the war, and causing great problems with the aftermath of the war in Iraq.

Mr. Bremer was awarded the Presidential Medal of Honor for his work.