Friday, March 09, 2007

Fri 09-Mar-07: Pop goes the Wolfowitz *

Pop goes the Wolfowitz *

Around and round the Washington wonks
The Wolfowitz did crawl
And said he once, and said to all
Iraq, we need her OIL.

For Sadaam Hussein is an Evil Guy
Just like a little weasel
And 'cause he needs to eventually fall
We might as well take his oil.

Now we can't get in there today
Because he hates our guts.
But since we want to play with his oil
Saadam he needs to fall.

Oh, we got the goods on Sadaam
OK, so we cooked the books.
Who cares that we cooked the evidence,
Sadaam, we wants his oil.

Now boss bush he said he wants that oil
And if Sadaam should happenen to fall
The world would not cry too much
Exxon she needs his oil.

So Wolfowitz searched for some WMD
And failed to find a-one.
But weasels figured out how to fudge them
And Bush he got his oil.

Now Wolfowitz forgot to plan
On how to end the war
He thought that once Saadam was gone again
That they'd give up all their oil.

But unlike most rats he forgot to plan,
An escape route to his nest.
And now the USA is stuck in here
As a totally unwelcome guest.

* Sing-able to the tune of "Pop Goes the weasel", like the weasel that he is!

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