Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thu 08-Mar-07: A Phone tap

A Phone tap
A wrist slap, a phone tap
A red flag from the ref.
Time out for unfair play
Said the Ref to Alberto today.

You started with "un"torture
As the lawyer to the President of the USA.
You topped that by saying water's fine
If You were wanted by the CIA.

You went on by modifying the US Patriot Act
By slipping in a few quick last minute "facts".
No legislators were in on this bait and switch act
And now looks like you gonna get 'jacked.

Extraordinary rendition sounds just yucky
And is even worse if the CIA catches you.
You routed them across the world to break them
And even gave them a world view.

But Alberto, you forgot a few facts,
You no longer work for the President
You’re the chief law enforcer for the US of A.
Really looks like you're gonna get the AXE.

Looks like this spring will be the LAST one you see
From beautiful downtown Washington DC
For if the wind is true to what's coming
A twister 'be blowing you past the ole Mississippi.

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