Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sun 04-Mar-07: Presidential Knowledge

Presidential Knowledge

Presidential Knowledge, is it an oxymoron?
Could be, she opined at the bar,
As she asked for one more to pour on.

First nine-eleven, then the patriot act
Invading two countries, on made up pretensions
Leaving our country the laughing-house of all.

No WMD, no NUK-U-LEAR arms
Now Scooter's guilty of perjury
Leaving Dick Cheney a crying for alms.

Scooter fell on his sword very nice for his boss
Devoted he is, as well he should be.
Now Dick need to take his sword for HIS boss too

And Roberto, although Hispanic is he
Must resign now, before he is impeached
FBI, Patriot Acct, and 'un'torture he unleashed.

And yet our president seems ready to unleash a new war
'gainst Iran – Oh no, we've been here before.
Yet military strength is no more at the ready.

Former Secretary defense Donny and Vice President Dickey
Both Cronies, plotted and squandered our wealth
Our military to private contractors, they honored.

Leaving us with no cooks, no laundry,
No GI washed Pajamas
Just Halliburton, mercenaries, and lots of new bills.

Now the military 'cant shoot without their support aides
And billions and billions of US defense aid.
Goes Right into the coffers of Halliburton's Barhain based ExPats.

It's time for the Democrats to start cleaning our houses.
Starting with Dick, then George, and then the contractors.
And restore the cooks, and soldiers we now know we need.

Yes, pain we'll have for the next twenty years
As we re-start the draft to get all the manpower
That currently we subcontract and pay for.

When we redo the draft, we need to take good care of
Our new civilian army, and its dependents too
We'll need to have a spot for service to our country too.

A three year service corp, of army or city
Will help after High School, for all our young teens.
This time, Higher ed, will just have to wait though.

Till all our "Youte" have served for their country.
As soldiers, or teachers, or just fixing things.
And then will come back and enroll them to study.

And maybe then, this will help in the cities.
Poverty may be just chiseled away.
And our kids will have at least learned a trade.

Now Crime in the cities, and gangs in particular
Are one of the worst things we can do to our kids now
This program, I hope will help to re-educate them.

Now service is painful, yet can be rewarding
Starting in five years, would all eighteen year olds go
Into the army or city, till they hit twenty-one.

This five year period would grant us all some time
To adjust to this change, so significant
And this, in my closing, I wish you a farewell.

Our future will be brighter, our kids will be learning
Our Army fully staffed, and our cities, cleaner
And all will be forgiven between red and blue

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