Monday, March 05, 2007

Mon 05-Mar-07: Red versus Blue

Red versus Blue
The rebels versus the union – No wait, I forgot
That was almost seven score ago.

The Blue versus the Red, 'wot's that all about?
Is it the poor versus the rich?

Is it the abled, versus the disabled?
Or College grads versus everyone else?

Can someone tell me when our land morphed into
The religious versus everyone else?

Now our constitution says plainly
Separate all church from the state here.

So why and why do we have so much politics
About Red (religion) versus Blue (everyone else)?

I'd swear it was almost a plot form the Trotskys
To overthrow our democracy.

By starting small, and then going bigger
Their religion it seems, starts to interfere onto me.

So take your red states, and ou too, all you zealots
And travel back to old Europe now.

And bring your religions ideas to the shores
Where the faith has a state.

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