Monday, March 19, 2007

Mon 19-Mar-07: Health


Thank heavens, I have my health.
So far, thank the Lord, I am “normal”.

For the moment, all is okay
But ONLY because we pay through the nose.

Our country is sick
Sicker then our government.

If our government had our health care plan
Universal care would be automatic, man!

A simple congressional health plan for all is our country’s best step forward.

But just like the last sixty years
The Republicians will fight it to their best.

But finally, even big business can see,
There’s no other way to increases employee productivity

The largest economy in the world
Is the most backwards in heal care, you see.

But if we move health care out of business
And into the government

Many more citizens would have coverage
And les children would go uncovered.

Once no longer the responsibility
Of business, up goes productivity

And millions of formerly uncovered
Will then rest at night, refreshed.

This, I pray will soon come to be
We our country needs this so desparately!

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