Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wed 28-Mar-07: Cat-tas-trophe

In 2005, I wrote 365 poems, one per day after hearing Suzanne Lori-Parks tell how she wrote one play a day for the previous year.  Mine? Some catty, some political...


That darned cat. No hat on this cat.
What did he do? What didn't he see?
Amazing he is, so frustrating for me.

A small situation, a pile of trouble.
Such a nice day for a pile of rubble.
Oh that cat, what a Cat-as-trophe.

It didn’t start out that bad.
Not one whit of trouble this morn.
Oh the trouble he's borne.

You see my fish, do you not?
No? Just look in his belly, right behind that chair.
The evidence is sitting in there!


fifi said...

Nice poem.

I just commented on an ancient post of yours on one of your three hunderd blogs and now I feel stupid.

You obviously still have the junior member though.

Markbnj said...

oh, dear...

Well don't feel as if you're the only one confused by all my blogs.

I get WAY WAY too confused myself
and it turns out that with life, comes less time to blog online

hence the old solution...

The traditional Black composition notebook, with stitched pages, that I sequentially number (so I can prove all pages are there for copyrights/inventions/etc)
and transfer them to the blog on a batch basis..

(too much information...)
Better yet: Fifi.
Never an OLD post.
Just old people (like me--Heh heh)

check out my original blog too.