Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wed 21-Mar-07: Nineteen Hundred and Forty-Eight

Nineteen Hundred and Forty-Eight

A Palestinian state
Why must we wait?
We had the land in 1848
I say back to that caliphate’s state.

The ottoman empire was all Muslim, love or hate
All inhabitants, paid and waited.
Was it democracy? No way!
It was strictly, “Pay to Play”.

But World War One made this all moot
Since the British were asked to follow suit
And try and administer the land, and thus, not to loot.

An early investigation Lord Balfour did make
That Jews to Palestine, may migrate
Yet time and time again, the Arabs did kill
1919, '24, '29 the Jews, they did massacre.

in ’24, a winsome young Churchill
did appease an Arab leader, thru, and thru.
By giving half of the land for a state all brand new
This state, never before did exist.

This action, so small seeming then
Has blossomed very big again and again.
This land called trans-Jordan had never existed
Yet in 1948, it stole the all land set for us.

In ‘48, the United Nations did debate, then Declare,
Two states must exist for both Arab and Jew.
Jews everywhere celebrated the date
Yet, the Arabs STILL call that date, “THE TRADGEDY”

Now Arabs all over want a place for a state
Yet do they even accept the date of ‘Forty-Eight?
No. They still won’t accept the peace plan of 1948
Let’s start there for a change.

For all arab states to accept ‘Forty-Eight
Once accepted, no more saying, “The Tragedy”
Free trade with Israel, and finally a state.
A state on BOTH sides of the Jordan.

Yes, Jordan stole 80% of the land
That the United Nations originally planned.
It annexed all the land for it’s borders.
But now, it’s time for it to re-nounce it.

The ’48 peace plan will not be without pain.
Pain in burying the tragedy, admitting Israel
No right of return, and no sixty-seven borders.
The borders of nineteen forty-eight WILL be the state.

Pain too for Israel, one day.
For Jerusalem in whole was to be an international city
But today this can wait, till Jordan unannexes It’s land.

Then the international city debate can start
Whose record was fairer, the Jews or the Arabs?
’48-67 nearly twenty years as a record
versus 67-07, nearly double that time!

From ’48 to ’67 there was no free access.
Hotels were built on cemeteries, roads made from grave-stones.
No Jews ever saw or prayed at their wall,
The Holiest place for them at all.

But since 1967, Israel took over. Jews could then worship all over.
And Arabs could worship at their holy Mosques,
As well as Turks, Christians all over the city,
Whose record would YOU choose to defend?

SO until all the Arab states, including Saudia-Arabia
Agree to the 1948 U.N. Resolutions
No state can ever be Palestinian
Since they are only ONE state of two.

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