Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wed 07-Mar-07: By the lake

By the lake

Spring has Sprung,
Here in Lake Woebegone.

Even there, out past O'hare
And do you know that

In D.C., they've banned Court TV?
A new lineup and name, I do forsee.

But in D.C., the Dems try to show restrain
As they see Roberto writhe, and dance in pain.

But, as spring as sprung,
I feel so dumb, 'cause I did not know

That the Brits, made a mock-u-mentary
Of an alternative reality.

Where "43" says, "goodbye cruel world",
And Dicky boy says, "Yes, I rule!"

And our liberties, or what's left of them
Get taken to the cleaners, under his men.

This amazing movie's on DVD right now
But I still just wonder how

That no USA movie rights were sold,
For the movie, "Death of A President", be told.

And I wonder how our rights survive
When censorship is just in overdrive.

A movie with such dramatic pretense missing
From the press, the media, from all events.

Whatever happened to freedom of speech?
Or maybe it's really time to just impeach.

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