Monday, December 17, 2007

A Sonnet for my 50th Birthday (by me)

Fifty Years: A sonnet

{Written at 2AM, after a REAL surprise party for me!}

Thoughts on my mind, Tis my dime.
Fifty Years goes way too fast.
Blink, then (too many) way-points have passed.
Was really a might fine time.

Can't pretend, not a mime!
Thoughts inside? I've been gassed.
But really, Cheryl's now unsurpassed.
And Jessica was just sublime.

Now's time to act my age?
Not boxed, yet at my max?
No, Still not in a cage!
No more doth I swing my axe.
Have I now, No more rage!
With meds, can now relax.


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Cheoy Lee said...

Happy birthday! Love the bathos in the last line ^^