Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006 Television Kill.

Road Kill. Couch Potatoes. Television.
Road Kill is good.

Vultures can dine on road kill.
Domesticated animals avoid road kill.
Scavengers strip and remove most usable parts from a carcass.

Television will remove the brains of most Television-aholics.
What? You've never heard of a TV-aholic?
Oh no, You're infected you may (be).

Welcome to our country's number one chronic disease.
Television caused TV-aholics.

TV rots the minds of our country.
TV used as a babysitter, affects how toddlers act and perceive others.
You say, you need the time away from the kid? Playgrounds are great!

TV without parental involvement lets our kids absorb the wrong social values.
You mean, my three year olds:
Don't need to wear a bikini swim suit? or a halter top?

TV commercials affect our children's values, and destroy all our hard work.
You mean by teaching them that junk food, empty calorie cereals, and massive
consumptions of stuff is supposed to be GOOD?

Lax ethical standards as shown on TV, affect EVERYONE who watches these shows.
Despite their age, all are affected by the contents of TV programs.

Doh. Jane, his wife. Jane, you ignorant Slut. Meathead.

Give me Road Kill instead of Television.
At least I could eat around the bones,
bad parts,
possibly get something nutritious out of it.


Malissa said...

i strongly doubt that you would perfer road kill than tv...i seriously doubt that...
this is a good poem tho...

Markbnj said...

I really do beg to disagree.

I was brought up as one of the original "latch-key" kids in NYC, in the late 1960's and early 1970's.

Until the time when I essentially threw out my TV (and cable bill), I was addicted to television.

Call it sad, but I watched anywhere from 1-2 hrs in the morning, and from 3pm till 10pm M-F, and 18 hrs day on weekends....

It does remove one's brains, and I really do prefer roadkill...(and I've a vegetarian too!)

Hmm. Dead roadkill. Mindless and poorly written sit-coms.
Some digestive problem/illness or brain deadening.