Monday, November 20, 2006

Sunday 11/19/2006 Depression Sucks!

Depression is misnamed.

Clinical Depression isn't clinical.

Clinical is clean, sterile and neat

Depression isn't.

Depression tears families apart. It doesn't discriminate.

It can creep up on the young or old, or even the rest of us.

It feels like, "why bother?" It’s not sadness or even euphoria.

It's not knowing what happened, or even why.

Clinical sadness?

But just knowing that help exists

Can help you through the abyss.

Medication isn’t cheating.

It's just helping re-define the paths and pathways,

so you feel something less stressful

But most important, is friends and family that

offer guidance, nurturing, and love.

Instead of catcalls, and being told to "get off the pity pot"

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