Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday, November 26th Work Calls

Work calls.

Did you know?
Work is a four letter word.

Play is a four letter word
Why are four letter words so popular?

Sucks is also a four letter word
"Work Sucks" is a phrase familiar to many people.

Many people are not lucky enough to
REALLY enjoy going to work Every day.

I like my job. I am a computer nut.
I enjoy working with computers.

But some people love their jobs.
Some people love work better then their real lives.

I feel sorry for those lost souls.
Family always comes before work.

But. Work Calls.
Time to go to work.

1 comment:

Malissa said...

nice...i like it...

its cool how you like your job... you must be like really smart to work with computers...