Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday, Nov. 13th , 2006. Time

Time Keeps on Slipping. Into the Future.
Working half a day has its pitfalls.
Sleep. Rise. Drive. Work. Drive. Sleep.
(Repeat four times/week)

Work is life. Life is work.
Eat. Sleep. Breathe Computers. Work.
Boredom at 2:30 in the AM.
Leo Tolstoy the antidote to sleep.

Tolstoy in the wee hours can challenge even the pros.
Writing is amazingly crisp, since originally in the Russian.
Such style, grace and prose is to only be dreamed of.

Yet, Writing is always a challenge.
And Reading, capitalized, is just as challenging.
Next on the list: War and Peace!

Markb in NJ

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