Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tuesday, Nov 21 Childhood

Did you know?

Childhood is wasted on children.

Children go to school. A very small number of children are lucky enough to LIKE going to school.

Children sit in organized classrooms,

and have special times to do each subject.

Some children like reading. Some children like Social Studies. Some children like Gym. And some children are lucky enough to like math. And some children just like recess.

Being outside. Being the last one chosen for the baseball or basketball game.

Grownups have to go to work. A very small number of grownups are lucky enough to LIKE (or sometimes even LOVE) the work they do. Lucky them.

Some grownups work in stores. Some grownups work inside. Some grownups work outside all year long. And some grownups go to meetings for a living. But the one thing that grownups don’t do at work is have recess.

Some grownups even decide to devote their lives to children, and become teachers. We have a word for those types. Deviants. No, really grownups become teachers because they want to help children grow up.

But. Grownups don't have recess. Grownups who aren't teachers don't get two month vacations. Grownups don't have time to sit in wonder at the world.

What a shame. We need to trade places with our kids, so they can go and have the privileges of being grown ups, and we can go and have the fun that they think they're not having.

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Malissa said...

hey, i like to go to school, i dont learn cuz i dont pay attension, but it is a chance to get away from my horrible and crazy family and hang with the special person i like and spend time with my friends.

and there is nothing wrong with liking math!!!

good job...most of it is actually trye...i like it