Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thursday, November 30th, 2006 Born Free.

Born Free. Or written for free.
And then sold, traded, restricted, and sold, sold, and resold.

45 Singles, 33 1/3 LP Records, 8-track tapes, cassettes, CD's, DAT tapes.
How many times must we be expected to purchase the same music over?

Remember that we bought the MUSIC, NOT a piece of vinyl, or acetate.
When we went to the music store, we were told
tha we had an UNLIMITED right to listen to that single, record, or tape
as much as we wanted, or until we damaged, scratched, or destroyed the record/tape/cd.

So now what gives?
Free my music™! I didn't steal it.
I own the right to listen to it.
In my house, in my car, in my Ipod, and in my computer.

And yes, I don't see why not in ALL those places. I bought it.
I didn't create a fake distribution network to avoid paying for it.

Do you really think it's FAIR to squeeze your customers
multiple times - multiple times - multiple times - for the same product?

Come. Let's play, "Let's make a Deal".
Deal#1. Let me trade in my vinyl for the SAME album on CD.
I'll even pay a service charge, and won't ask for the art or inserts.

Deal #2. Lets work out a fair licensing agreement. If you change formats again, I won't pay
100% for the same songs AGAIN!
Let's pretend, you can get the right to play the same song in any different formats
(current, or future formats) for a 15% premium over the cost of the item.

Let's make a deal and make our music free again.
Free from greed.
Free from pirates.
Free from controversy.


Anonymous said...

This belongs more on your Eclectic blog; doesn't strike me as a poem.

Malissa said...

how mean Mr Anonymous...this is a work of belongs where it is now!