Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tuesday, December 26th, 2006:Upscale Mall

Upscale Mall
Oh Gambling's much fun
Till you have the runs.

That leave you mighty broke
And then you need to run.

So off for more shopping now
Except I wonder how.

With Tiffany, Gucci, Armani and Vuitton
What's left for us to pay the rent???

Oh, Upscale Mall.
I don't remember being so SMALL.

When did I become
one of the "off-the-walls"?

One of the lost peeps
That gives the rich so much of "the creeps"

That that mall makes me
want to run and Hide..

Oh, I'm so po-oo-oorr.
Did I sleep all through

A recession, or is it just me?
that bleeds and bleeds.

Nothing Left.
That's what I see inside.

Tons for the best,
but nothing for us down, the rest.

Oh, upscale mall.
You make my insides hurt.

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