Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday, December 21, 2006 Brainwashed

Christmas Music finally removed.

No Jingling Bells or Sleighs Tonight

Hallajuah. Hanakuah.
Presents. Candles, Lights, Latkes. *

Horrors. Rid of Christmas Music, only to be
replaced by refrains of…

…I am a latke
…I am a latke
…I am a latke
and I am waiting for Hanukkah to come. (998X)

Which is worse. Dead Karen Carpenter Christmas songs or
"I am a latke"

Tie me up…It's a tie!

* A latke is a (usually large) potato pancake


Malissa said...

i hate all the x-mas songs, they get so freaking annoying, but i wouldnt go around saying im a latke... i agree, its a tie

Markbnj said...

Author's Note:

For the "Jewish Impaired" * (sorry, that just blurted itself out)

these words:
…I am a latke
and I am waiting for Hanukkah to come. "

Are dreadful.

Especially when sung on:
July 4th.
Any day in August.
In September.
In October.

They seem to repeat themselves for
100-300 times non-stop
AND you need someone to SMACK you
to get the song out of your head.

Try it?!

Oh, and the Latke/potato pancake, goes with applesauce and sour cream...

Markie mark in NJ

* Jewish Impaired: aka "EVERYBODY Else"

You'se guys have a MERRY Christmas, and a Happy New year!!!!