Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thursday, December 14th: Failure SuckZ (Politics!)

PoliticS: More on Bush's failures: Poetry Special! Failure SUCKZ!

Note to my Poetry readers:
Because this is also going in my REGULAR Blog, portions may not be as smooth
as other poems, please forgive me in advance!

Failure Sucks.

Watergate Lies.
Nixon Resigns.

Delay Lies.
Delay Pays.

Bush43, Cheney and Rumsey
Iraq, disaster, 40 years war.

Swears "no Draft" in debates in 2004.
Yet, will need 500K troops to stabilize THEIR disaster.

Congressman Mark Foley PLAYS on Computer
The Republicians in Congress PAY in November.

Bush's denials of problems in Iraq
Tells Blair, "It's baaddd in Iraq

-- does that help?"

Tony, Stay the course,
We'll stand firm in our war" **
As firm as DeLAY stayed (in Congress).

We'll fight radical Islamic Ideological Extremism
with radical Christian Ideological Extremism. ***

John McCain says , (I agree with him totally), that WE NEED MORE TROOPS
Your former supporter, Virginia Sen. John Warner
says you need to consult with congressional leaders

Senator Warner, says that Congress needs to involve itself
Finally, it's about time, that Republicans admit problems

Warner also said our troops
must not be dragged into a civil war.

What's that? Shiaa versus Sunni
or is it just everyone against the Americans?

And Now, (democratic senator) Tim Johnson, from
South Dakota had BRAIN SURGERY.

However, The Senate historian's office says that the only way there would be a vacancy to fill is if the Senator dies or resigns, since even if incapacitated, he can remain in office.

To Senator Tim in Hospital in Dee Cee
We wish a speedy recovery to thee.

Your vote is important, your seat is historic
we want to seat Cheney and pacemaker
as close as possible to the Senate Microwave pacemaker (cooker)
Cheney : My nominee for WCT 08 – War Crimes Tribunal 2008 indictment!

* A direct quotation from our President

** Tony,
"In that war, our nation stood firm," Bush said. "There were difficult moments during that war, yet the leaders of our two nations never lost faith
in the capacity to prevail. We will stand firm again in this
first war of the 21st century."

*** Bush, at the Press Conference with Blair (noted:)
"the Iraq war is part of a long fight against
ideological extremism,
and drew a comparison with World War II
and noting the anniversary of the Dec. 7 attack
on Pearl Harbor.


Malissa said...

i must admit, failure does suck, but failing more than once, it doesnt suck as much, trust me...

Markbnj said...


The ONLY problem is when it's
THE POTUS (president of the US)

Failing, and falling flat on his face more then once....Augh.