Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday December 10th, Bi-coastal

Some People are Bi-costal
Some People are Bi-sexual
And some people are Bi-polar.

Bicoastals live their lives on planes,
Bisexuals live a life centered in the rear,
And Bipolar people just give other people a pain.

Bicoastal people live in the swing of the scene
And Bisexuals live for the scene of a swing
But Bipolar people just like to make a scene.

Time Zones change for bicoastals.
Sexes change for the bisexual.
But the poor bipolar always cycles his moods.

Pacific - East Coast
Male – Female

Living life on both coasts.
Enjoying both sexes
Unable to control the body and the mind.

Good Sometimes.
Dangerous some of the time
Painfully difficult all of the time.

Painfully dedicated to a customer of mine.. 12/10/06
And her attempts to cause massive pain, nausea and
Maximum damage deliberately

My personal remembrances of you
Will always be filled with
distain, pain, and lots of shit.

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